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Thursday, June 2, 2011

We Want To Know - even if I am a day late

So this was supposed to go up yesterday but I wanted to post Boo's photo instead and since I'm the boss, I get to do what I want. Hmmm...I think I need another piece of fudge before continuing this post...hehehehehe...


Okay, now on to the questions!

{1} If the blogging world had a talent show, what would your act be?

Going days without posting and causing my readers to lose interest. Alright, I'll be serious. I'd have to show off my cakes first. Then maybe I'd regale you with my endless supply of knock-knock jokes.

{2} What's the most likely reason you might become famous?

Honestly, my fame would probably come from having hiccups for ten months straight or being the innocently oblivious bystander that gets hit in the face with the game ball. Really, I'd like to one day be known -- if not famous -- for my published writing, but only if it's the good kind of famous.

{3} What question are you repeatedly asked that you are tired of hearing?

"Are they twins?" I get asked this nearly every time I have Boo and Boy together out in public. And no, they're not twins; they're 2 1/2 years apart. They definitely look like they're closely related because -- and here's the shocker! -- they ARE!

{4} What's the last thing you broke?

A nail. This morning. On my toothbrush. Talented, I know.

{5} Finish this sentence. I can't believe I used to ________.

Line dance. It wasn't just the line dancing but the wearing of tight jeans, boots, and such out in public while performing these atrocities against polite society. The Texas heat can do crazy things to a person.

Answer one of these questions in the comment! (Or make fun or mine...whichever...)


Nat said...

I'll answer #3~

I'm ALWAYS answering this one:
"FIVE boys?! Oh my goodness! Are you going to keep trying for a girl?"

My answer to this is:
"Ummm...I have no uterus. So unless you've found some way around that obstacle, no."

Odie Langley said...

I can't believe I used to smoke. When I stopped Jan. 21, 1981 they cost me $3.50 a "CARTON". I saw a sign on a convenience store the other day asking over $40 for a carton of some brand.

hairyshoefairy said...

{3} What question are you repeatedly asked that you are tired of hearing?

Q: "What grade are you in?"
A: Actually I've been out of high school for over ten years now. I know I still look like I'm 16 but I'm almost 30, am married, and have 2 kids.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that I use to WANT to know how to line dance. I can do the electric slide... does that count??

Now you know you were a boot scootin' boogie type gal!! :)

Mary said...

Ok...I like line dancing, mainly b/c you're in a crowd and people don't pay as much attention to you!

I also get, "are they twins?" Which, depending on my mood, answers vary. And, since I gave them the mohawks, someone asked if Carter was a girl...i mean really?? Do I look so redneck that I'd give a baby girl a mohawk?? REALLY?

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