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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Another First ( but wouldn't that make it a second?)

When it comes to questions about parenting, there are too many answers. Have you ever asked someone how long they nursed their child? It's mind-boggling how many different replies you will get, ranging from "I never breast-fed" to "I'm still nursing and little Judy will be sixteen in March." Same thing happened when, as a fairly new mom, I asked at what age parents took their kids to the dentist. Some will tell you that they need to go as soon as they have teeth (is that really practical?) and others will say they have a sixth grader who hasn't been yet. After asking, my dentist* - who I love and adore more than should be expected - he suggested they come before starting kindergarten. Boo had her first appointment nearly two years ago.

It was the Boy's turn.

He came with us for Boo's recent check-up so he knew what to expect, where to sit, how wide to open his mouth, etc. He was ready! Just like his sister, the Boy was allowed to bring a small toy to hold during the cleaning. He asked to bring the mee mee.

We arrive early and I'm waiting for the hygienist to go through the same introduction to the tools of the trade that da Boo got. Nope. This girl is all business. She starts right in on him. No worries; my kid is a champ.

Then she tries to take x-rays. You know, when they stick that plastic tab in your mouth, making it pinch you while they run out of the room to press a button? Yeah, that one. Hey, it hurts when they make me do it so I wasn't surprised when the Boy whimpers and then spits out the x-ray thinger. Even da Boo hasn't had them taken because her mouth is so small. But the hygienist is determined and tries to put it back in. He gives it one more try - same results.

Note to self: the mee mee is too easily used to block access to the Boy's mouth...do not allow on future trips.

I suggest that she might want to skip it this time, that perhaps his mouth is a little too small. From her reaction, I might have suggested that flossing is a big scam created by the toothpaste industry just to get us to buy more products. But the mee mee isn't budging from around the Boy's mouth. Plus, it was in need of a washing so she was probably afraid to touch it. After I promise the Boy that he doesn't have to try again, the mee mee is lowered and work can resume.

And guess what? NO cavities! We celebrated by having ice cream at Sonic. And then flossing.

* As mentioned in a previous post, my dentist works with his identical twin brother, also a dentist. When the Boy's dentist was looking over his teeth, the other brother walked in...it nearly blew my mind, seeing both of them - looking like exactly the same person but in two different locations. I don't know why I feel the need to mention it...seriously weird, though.


Kristie said...

Hooray for no cavaties!!! Way to go Boy! He is getting si big!

The King Family said...

How cute is he! I took my babe when she was just over 1! lol

Brooke said...

Way to go Calvin! Andrew won't even try the x-ray thing. That's impressive he even put it in.
And...that room looks really familiar, I was just there this morning. You know, they could switch dentists on me, and I would never know, it is wierd.

The Head Eagle said...

Taking children to the dentist is the worst! They are scared, you are scared! I always feel like a horrible mother (even if its just a check up).

Yay for no cavities!

Karen said...

I'm proud of a five year old kid for going to the dentist. I can't go without crying myself!

Tipi said...

i just went to the dentist too!

I'll blog it too and be just like you!cuz you are cool and I wanna be cool too!


Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

I took Clark and he was so excited, but when the real business began, it was all wails and fear. So much for the big boy's trip to the dentist.

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