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Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I recently created a new label for my posts: Milestones. Some of my readers are just here for the updates on the kiddos. They don't want to hear about my failed diet or my current whining. Just the kids. Yesterday's post on the Boy's first dentist visit falls into the Milestones category. So does today's posts.

Baby is teething. Normally, she doesn't cry much at all. Lately, she's been more prone to whining and easily upset. Something is different. Sure enough, the tell-tale red bump appeared on her lower gum. It took nearly two weeks but a tooth sprouted! But before I was able to get a good picture of it...another one came through right next to it, like a ninja tooth.

Nine months old and two teeth. And a future career in yoga.

Now when she tries to eat my toes, it tickles. But once she gets teeth on the top, it's gonna hurt.


Brooke said...

I like that, "...like a ninja tooth." Had a good chuckle over that.

Kristina P. said...

She is so cute!

I am so excited for the cake on Saturday!

The Head Eagle said...

What a cutie! Such great milestones too!

Nat said...

Yay for toofs! I can't believe how big she is! So so cute!

Emma said...

I can't believe she is 9 months! Thats how A's first teeth popped up, one right after another. I read anything you write, you have a witty personality! :)

Kristie said...

How did baby get to be 9 months old already?! That went so fast. :) She sure is a cutie pie!!!

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