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Friday, November 7, 2008

Foto Friday: Boo's Birthday Week

Well, it's been an action-packed week and frankly, I'm looking forward to having the Man home this weekend so I can get a nap!

First up, the bunkbed:

When it arrived, the kids were very excited and couldn't wait to sleep on it. That's when I realized that the only sheets we had that would fit the Boy's new mattress were pink and purple fairy princess sheets. One trip to Wally World later and the Boy was the proud owner of Spiderman sheets (and a vinyl mattress protector).

Since I am currently "great with child," we had da Boo's party at Build-A-Bear Workshop, so someone else had to do all the work. And I must say, it was worth the money spent! I've been to a couple of these before and this time, it was by far the best! The guy they had as the "party host" knew how to keep those kids entertained and paying attention. And? They recently lowered the price to $10 on a few more animals so there was more to choose from. Meet the new additions to our family: Belle and Dongo!

Have you seen da Boo's birthday cake yet? Its...an interesting one. I let her pretty much design the cake. Maybe next time, I'll offer a little more guidance. But my favorite part about making a bear cake? Serving it to the guest of honor.


ramsam said...

That cake is so cute...it is almost unbearable! hehehehehe

hope you get a LONG nap!

Kristie said...

Love the bunkbeds! You did an awesome job on the cake too!!!! It looks like Boo had a good birthday!

Me said...

Great Cake! It looks like there was fun had by all. It makes me want to get bunk-beds for my boys.

Kristina P. said...

Those bunkbeds look great! They bring back fun memories. And that bear head is slightly scary.

Emma said...

That is great you had the party at BABW instead of your house! I hope you get lots of rest this weekend. I think the head on the plate is hilarious!

Nat said...

Cute bunkbeds, cute cake, cute kids, and I loved your letters to Sonic! You've already scheduled your C-Section? When is the big day?

Trying to Stay Calm! said...

I ♥ the pictures! Thanks for sharing :)

Jillybean said...

I always wanted bunk beds. My cousins had them.
When we went to their house, we would lay on our tummies on the top bunk reach under and grab the slats that supported the mattress on the top, then flip over onto the floor.
We did this over and over until somebody would get hurt, then the grown ups would make us stop.

Party poopers.

$10 for the build a bears? Not a bad deal. I've spent more on that per kid having a party at home.

The cake was cute, I liked the stuffing.

This Guy said...

Having a party anywhere but the house is worth almost any price. We had Kachow's party at the park on base and it was the greatest thing in the world not having a million people in my house and having to clean up after them. I think from now on all birthdays will be celebrated outside the house.

This Guy said...
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Janell said...

What's with the MS paint job on the bunk bed photo?

I had a Padington Bear cake on my 5th birthday :) Its one I still remember quite vividly.

Luv2run said...

That is awesome your kids got their new bunkbeds finally. It is so awesome to see how exicted kids get when they get new stuff.

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