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Friday, November 21, 2008

Foto Friday #19

Almost missed it! I bet you thought I forgot...well, actually, I've had it planned out all day but had to get some time to post the darn thing. I've been fielding phone calls about my Twilight movie experience.

I was goofing around with my camera, trying out the different features when I discovered that I can take black and white photos. You probably already knew that because you are so very smart (and pretty) but I, obviously, am not. So of course I practiced on my two favorite subjects.

I really like this one of da Boo! She humored me and let me take lots of photos (I was also messing with the macro function) and seemed to have fun. Almost makes the Patsy Ramsey in me come out and start demanding she learn how to strut the catwalk.

And here's a typical Boy grin. He didn't want his picture taken and when I asked him to "Look at Mommy!" he would just kinda turn his chin a little, eyes glued to the Wii game he was playing. Don't you think his glasses are looking a little small? He's getting new ones but we probably won't have them until after Thanksgiving. They are the super-bendy kind. Hopefully, we won't have as many emergency trips to the eye doctor to get them repaired...

What cool thing can your camera do?
(And does anyone know why my camera is now taking pictures that are a much larger print size?)


Jillybean said...

The only thing I know that my camera does is take pictures.
I'm sure it does more than that, I just haven't bothered to figure it out. That's what I have a teenage son for.

Kristina P. said...

My camera can do the black and white thing, I think. I upload all my pictures to Photobucket to do fancy stuff with.

We missed you tonight!

Debi said...

You probably accidentally reset the size adjustment. You can set it to super giant size, e-mail size, web page size, etc. I used to have the super giant pixel size because I thought it would have the best pictures, but I found out one day when I printed two identical pictures but one was the big size and one the e-mail size... and they looked completely identical when printed out in 4x6 size. After that, I just set my camera to the smaller size and now it's easy to download pictures to the blog. I guess if you wanted to print out a 8 x 10 poster of the picture, it might look better in the super size, but when do we do THAT?

Jessica G. said...

Thanks for the tips, Debi! I will have to look through my camera settings again and figure out how to adjust it back.

Heather said...

Oh ya well mine can do everything yours can!!--wonder why?

Kristie said...

Such cute subjects you have!!! :) I think that the black and white turned out great. I am sure that mine can do all sorts of things, but mostly I just take pictues and video!

Bonnie the Boss said...

Such cute kids!
My camera dosen't even do the regular picture thing well.

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