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Monday, December 10, 2007

Ewwww Yuck

Sorry for the posting drought. And I don't have a book to blame this time. Instead, I'll blame the flu.

Friday afternoon, the Boy woke up from his nap and da Boo proceeded to run into his room to tease him mercilessly. She's such a good sister. So, he's crying and all hysterical by the time I mosey in there. He'd called out to me earlier, saying he had spilled. Not knowing what that meant, I didn't think much of it but when I walked into him room to get him out of his crib, I understood.

"I spilled" is Boy-speak for "I threw up."

And we all know just how good I am at handling that sort of thing! Luckily, it wasn't bad and was quickly cleaned up. Later that evening, I went to a really great bread-making class - which I will have to blog about later - when the Man calls me. Apparently, the Boy had "spilled" again - twice. He wasn't running a temperature, wasn't acting subdued or abnormal. Just spewed his guts periodically.

Saturday, he was fine. He even got mad at his daddy when the Man won't give him a sandwich for lunch, offering instead crackers and Sprite. The Boy came to find me and announced "Daddy no loves me anymore." Sunday morning dawned bright and early (we had a blizzard the day before so it was also very cold). The Man left for his meetings and the Boy woke up. This time, when he announced that he "spilled," I leapt out of bed. I got him cleaned up and tried texting the Man about the problem. This was compounded by the fact that I was supposed to substitute in Primary for da Boo's class. Still no temp or acting sick. I decided he couldn't go to church when his diaper erupted, resulting in yet another load of laundry. We ended up tag-teaming church: the Man got to go to Sacrament and I got to hang out in Primary.

The Man has a touch of it and da Boo is currently sitting on the potty after whining that her tummy hurt. Should make for an interesting evening! Anyone want to place bets on how soon I come down with it?

I had no sooner hit "Post" when da Boo vomited all over herself while sitting on the toilet. So she's crying, I'm trying not to gag and the Man is mocking me. So I made him clean the bathroom while I took a stripped-down girl to our room to shower. She is tucked back in bed with clean jammies, a sippy cup of Sprite and a barf bucket sitting on the floor next to her bed.


Amanda said...

You poor thing!!!! The only thing worse than one sick kid is 2 sick kids.......I have been so PRAYING that we do not get the stomach virus this winter...I really don't think I could handle it at this point! Good Luck:(

Kristie said...

SO Sorry!!! I can feel your pain! All the kids got it at once here at my place.....and of course it had to happen on the day we were closing on our house. Don't you just love the timing of things sometimes?

Emma said...

Audrey was throwing up all over the place on Friday. If ANYTHING went in it came out. Luckily only lasted half the day. She sat and just watched movies. Gabriel has spit up a little but thankfully no massive erruptions. I hope you stay well. I am a terribly selfish person, I would rather have sick kids than be sick myself. I just can't care for them if I am sick. We had/having a massive snow storm today. It is pretty but not fun to drive in!

hgernz said...

So I honestly think that our family is too close. I woke up last night and "spilled." Thankfully I'm old enough to jump off the bunk bed and get to the bathroom in time. Of that I'm sure my rooommate is grateful. And every hour I spilled. Want to bet how many hours?--14 hours! Thankfully Tuesday I don't have classes and I only had to call in sick for work. I must be better for my last day of classes tomorrow!

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