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Friday, December 28, 2007

Da Boo's Christmas Program

Da Boo's preschool had a Christmas Program two days before we left on vacation. She practiced the songs constantly at home so I knew she was very excited. The Boy and I headed to her class. I stood at the back, snapping pictures and giggling like crazy at how cute she was up there. (He played in the little play house they have and proceeded to stink up the place by "takin' care of business" while in there...)

Here, she is being one of Santa's busy elves. They used the sticks and bells to act out the song. There was also a really cute one with the Gingerbread man, Jingle Bells and a couple traditional folk songs. (And since I was using my old camera, only one picture actually came out looking decent enough to post.) She was partnered with Jacob, her best buddy (at least when she doesn't want to have a tea party). It was rather amusing as he is head and shoulders taller than her.

Also, we were asked to bring a plate of cookies or chips to share during the party. This is me we're talking about here. So I brought this. Because nothing says "Christmas Spirit!" like trying to make this cake when you should be packing for your trip.


Amanda said...

show off! J/K! That cake is too cute...and I bet it was OH So YUMMY! Da Boo is precious:)

Kristie said...

Cute picture! I am still waiting for some shots with that NEW camera!!!!!!!!!!! The cake looks yummy.

Amber said...

I'm digging the mushrooms! Those are adorable and we need a tutorial. :)

My next cake will be this one
because it's adorable and I want to.


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