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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Snow Day!

This weekend we had a real snow storm! The Man went to the store for me Saturday morning and brought back some snow boots for the Boy. Because I had cakes to do, I sent the Man outside to play in the snow with the kids. I made him take the camera.

Their first snowman! And yes, the Boy had mittens but refused to wear them because they were toddler mittens and didn't have a thumb. And as he likes to remind me, "I no baby. I big boy."

They came in when the Boy started getting too cold. I had hot chocolate waiting (love that CocoMotion!) so they could warm up. I just love the snow!


Amanda said...

Love that snow and the cute kids:) I see Da Boo's belly in that second picture ...she must have been freezing doing that snow angel!

ibanezfam said...

I found out that I can leave a comment if I am on a different computer! YEAH!
I love the pics. Jeffrey and Emma also had a lot of fun in the snow.

Kristie said...

How fun! We had snow this past week too!!! The kids LOVED it! I feel out of the loop, but am glad to be caught back up with what you are up to!

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