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Monday, March 26, 2012

Music Monday: Settle Down

I'm a little obsessed with Kimbra right now. She's the female on Gotye's "Somebody that I Used to Know" and I posted about another one of her songs, "Cameo Lover." She's Austrailian and quirky-just watch her dance moves! She dances like I would if I were actually cool and not a ginormous dork.

I know, the song is a little weird and the video even weirder…but just give it another listen. It really grows on you.


busanalayali said...

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Miss Angie said...

Ok, I am really digging on that song a lot! It's so good! I'd heard/seen her in the Gotye song/video but never heard anything else by her. Thanks for sharing!

Stacy Q said...

I was watching, thinking, "Weird? She said this is weird but I'm finding it kind of interesting... little girls dressing up, making dinner, cool dancing like she said..." Then "Oh. Burning the dolls... Yep... Why'd they have to go torch all the dolls. I don't get that."

becca said...

i like

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