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Saturday, February 4, 2012

When The Bees Sting...


You know how I'm addicted to these things! Besides this one is all about *my* favorite stuff. And I like anything that is about me, right?

So I've got my favorite gum, pen, magazine, chocolate-covered something, jewelry…probably some nail polish. But I'm looking for some new ideas. I'd include Baby ('cuz she's my favorite…don't tell the other two) but I think there are laws against that sort of thing. Also, I've started including a CD with my current favorite songs, which is fun, unless someone doesn't like the same kind of music. Maybe a favorite book? I read lots of different things so that might be doable, depending on how dork-tolerant my partner is…Any suggestions?

What are some of your favorite things?


Amber - Binkertation said...

fun ideas so far - especially nail polish! I thought about doing this swap, but haven't committed yet - guess I better figure it out soon.

I think a favorite book would be awesome, but then again, I love to read - or even a small gift card to a favorite store, Starbucks, etc. :)

The Lovely One said...

Ooh, I hope we're matched together! I would love a cd of your favorite songs, or a favorite book! I have a few ideas of what to put in my package, but I'm still looking for a WOW factor!

Tipi said...

seeds to your favorite flowers
favorite smells...

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