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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Takin' Care of Business

My family enjoys a good camping trip. And although we'd much prefer to camp during an unexpected blizzard (it's called making memories, people!) occasionally, we actually have fun. In fact, camping is very much a part of our summer plans. However, now that it's getting chilly, I'm packing away the gear. While cleaning out a bag, I found this list. My scrawled and shaky notes (possibly written in the car or while on a pit toilet) were supposed to become a blog post but must have gotten lost in the unpacking and showering and de-ticking and trying to get the smell of bug spray out of our cooler.

So here it is for your viewing -- and probably gagging -- enjoyment!

Why Pit Toilets Are The Worst Life Experience Ever Inflicted Upon Civilized Cultures

  1. You never want to use them unless you really gotta go. Inevitably, there will be someone in line ahead of you and that someone will take a very, very loooooooooong time.
  2. Do I really need to mention the smell? You might pretend it doesn't bother you but really, that's just keeping a brave face in front of the kids, like you do when comforting them after they've puked all over the bathroom, pretending that their vomity breath isn't making you want to hurl.
  3. You will inevitably have an audience, although it will be of the insect variety. Once, there was a frog in there with me. I couldn't pee and opted for remote bushes instead. (You're welcome.)
  4. The height on these things? Ridiculous! Are the makers prejudiced against short-legged folk? Because picnic tables are the same way…it's pretty embarrassing when your feet don't touch. But because of the height, using a germaphobe's "hover" technique is out of the question. Only option is a full-cheek press.
  5. Ain't nothing like that "cool breeze" on your nethers to really keep you focused on the task at hand.
  6. Couldn't they at least add some sound proofing? I don't need a "reassuring" echo of my business.
  7. You might want to consider bringing your own toilet paper. Sometimes, there are four rolls on the locked metal bar and sometimes, you don't even get a full sheet. Do you really want to take that gamble?
  8. Don't. Look. Down. If you're not careful, you could lose your sunglasses or camera or small child. My dad once lost a flashlight. I wonder what that next person thought of that.
  9. Maybe it's just me, but somehow, I just don't feel done without a flush. So unsatisfying.
  10. No sinks. Seriously. NO SINKS. At least now they're putting in hand sanitizer stations.


Jillybean said...

I had to have my daughter read this because for several weeks after she got back from Trek this summer, all she could talk about was how blessed we are to have indoor, flushing toilets.

becca said...

ihate using those outdoor toilets sinky business

K Lind said...

Haha! I am loving this post because I relate to it so much! :-)

Jessica said...

Laughing so hard!!!!

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