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Monday, October 31, 2011

If I Were A Zombie...

The "Out of Candy" sign went on the door a little early this tear. The bucket still has some goodies but I'm hanging on to the last of the Kit Kats. The kids have collapsed from their sugar-induced frenzy. I've already "inspected" a few pieces of candy (you can never be too careful…especially when it comes to chocolate). Pictures are coming later. Maybe.

Meanwhile, enjoy this seasonally suitable video:

Thanks to Just SO for the link. And Tipi? This one's for you!

What candy do you steal inspect from your kids' bags?


Beth said...

Eeeee! I love this! Thanks for posting it. :D

I don't have kids, but I'd totally poach anything chocolate and peanut butter from their stash if I did.

Janell said...


No kids yet, but our bowl was filled with Snickers, Kit Kats, and Almond Joys.

Karen Peterson said...

I wasn't home, but my roommates reported that we were overrun with trick-or-treaters, ran out of candy, and had to bum some from the neighbors.

Glad you had a nice Halloween!

elesa said...

I steal every piece of chocolate. We've had everything stashed for a couple of days, just doling out a couple of pieces of candy per day. And I think we have almost reached the point where he has forgotten that he has a huge bag of candy hidden away. Woo Hoo! I doubt that will be the case next year, so I gotta capitalize on it this year.

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