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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: How was your Mother's Day?


Jen said...

My kids definitely reminded me what it means to be a mother. At church got spit up on 3 times & changed 2 poopy diapers-one of which was Josh who cleaned off his hands on his shirt after doing a manual inspection to see if he had poop in his pants during primary. I have no idea where else he wiped his poopy fingers since I'm the one that realized he had poop on his shirt. So for the 2nd half of primary he was wearing street clothes. I brought extra pants just not an extra church shirt (I had a regular shirt in the car) I was very thankful they gave out Hershey kisses & hugs to the mothers this year instead of a carnation because I really needed the chocolate by the end of church.

Kristie said...

:) Ha, ha! Very funny! I loved it! I hope you had a fantastic Mother's Day!!!

Mary said...

The hubby wasn't here, but I had a great friend stop in for the weekend so I wasn't completely alone. AND, my brother & his awesome wife had us over for dinner. I can honestly say that going to work for 13+ hrs is easier than staying home with the twins :o)

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