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Monday, May 16, 2011

FHE: Nephi is Awesome!

Sorry for the delay in posting...Blogger wasn't letting me get into my blog for the past week.Rather annoying, especially because I've got some pretty big stuff to tell ya! But for now, let's talk about Family Home Evening.

The Boy came home from church last week and between mouthfuls of peanut butter and honey sandwich, he excited told us the story of this really cool guy named Nephi. He was so animated and entertaining that I asked him to teach us about Nephi for the lesson. When they are this wound up about scripture stories, give them an audience!

The Boy's Version:
He began by telling us that Jerusalem would be destroyed so Nephi's dad and his brothers and their mom packed up and went camping in the Wild West (actually the Wilderness, but it was pretty funny). But then they had to go back to get the Golden Plates from Laban because he wasn't reading them. Laban was mean and wouldn't let them have the plates so then they went back to their house -- their house in the town, not their tent -- and got all their gold and cool stuff and brought it back to Laban but then he just took all their stuff and made his friends chase Nephi and his brothers so he could keep their money for himself.

The Boy was so excited by his re-telling that the story came out in a big
rush, complete with horrified expressions after Laban's actions. I really loved listening to his version and plan to make this part of our regular FHE. Got to encourage the thrill of learning the scriptures, right? Another option would be get a felt board and have them use characters and such to re-enact the lesson. There's a great resource for scripture stories here. I used these nearly every week when I taught Primary. (What? You didn't know I wasn't a Primary teacher any more? Yeah, well...that was kinda part of my news that I couldn't ever post, where I didn't believe the counselor and it took some convincing that he was serious...)

The big thing is to let the kids do the talking. Only offer to help when they're stuck or really getting off the storyline (like when Boo once suggested that maybe dinosaurs could have helped the Stripling Warriors, because they lived so long ago).

Treats: The kids helped me make molten chocolate cakes. Easy recipe with lots of small tasks kids can do. But don't have the younger ones separate out the egg yolks...it's not a pretty site.


Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

Great ideas. I love your son's enthusiasm. And, I think Boo may be on to something with the dinosaurs.

I've been slacking on the tastiness of my treats lately. My kids may go into shock if I made Molten Chocolate Cakes. I will check out your recipe. :)

Jessica G. said...

GGM - The recipe is one of my favorites -- super easy and really, really good. Like you'll-be-craving-this-next-week-late-one-night good.

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