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Thursday, March 17, 2011

When The Trap Fails

The kids insisted on trying to trap a leprechaun again this year. I reminded them just what they were getting into and what happened that last time they made a trap but the leprechaun was able to escape and play tricks on them. Just like the first time, they were blinded by visions of gold and granted wishes. There was no talking sense into them.

The trap was entirely their design. According to their plan, the leprechaun would also visit a few of their friends and would probably be pretty tired from playing all those tricks so a nice fluffy bed would be very alluring. Signs forbidding sleep and reserving the bed for other creatures would also draw him in (because they like the break the rules), as would the green color and sparkling decorations. They even provided him with a place to hang his hat and a lovely story book. And the mattress was so nice and comfy that surely, he would fall right asleep and not wake up until the kids were able to catch him.

Come morning, the kids ran straight to the trap...

Hrmm...well, it certainly looks like someone slept here. And all the signs were defaced, just like last time. Looks like he helped himself to a few of my Thin Mint cookies as a bedtime snack...but where did he go?

That's when Boo noticed something.

Everyone that helped with the trap had them! Well, except for the Boy because he sleeps on the top bunk and the leprechaun is too short to reach him.

And there was this:

Luckily, the leprechaun left a trail of golden goodies for the kids to follow.

Instead of leading to his pot of gold, the trail led them to where he hid the chairs. They're already taking about the trap for next year...it involves a metal cage and motion sensors. I'm guessing they're taking this a lot more seriously. When they get to dart guns and sleeping potion, I'll have to rein them in a bit.

For dinner tonight we are having corned beef sandwiches on green rolls. Our local grocery store makes these every year but I convinced the kids that the leprechaun did it. There's also green salad and sliced kiwi, with lime jello and pistachio pudding for dessert. I might be having a little too much fun with this...

What tricks did your leprechaun play?
(And feel free to include a link to your post in the comments!)


Jillybean said...

This morning when my alarm went off, the leprechaun moved my hand from the snooze button to the off button, causing me to sleep in and making all the kids late for school.

See, it wasn't my fault!!

Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

Love the freckles. I'll have to remember that one. A paste from my FB status:

My kids woke up this morning to find out that a leprechaun had done mischief throughout the house-- pictures upside down, pots and pans in their backbacks, milk turned green, chairs turned around, pantry items in the oven, etc. They loved it. Made for a fun morning.

Sami said...

I can't believe your kids slept through the freckles! I've been cursed with VERY light sleepers.
We've never had a leprechaun visit our house.
In fact, I'm pretty sure that our tooth fairy is on probation for "failure to report to duty" on more than one occasion...

Mary said...

That is too funny!!! It's the things like this that will be remembered for the rest of their lives! You need to record their reactions next year!

Lindsey said...

I love this idea!!!! Next year I am going to have to copy you and start this. My kids will get such a kick! Thanks for sharing.

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