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Monday, March 14, 2011

FHE: Family Planning

Hrmmm...that might not be the best title for a FHE post but oh well. I'm keeping it.

Monday night rolled around and while eating dinner, I happened to mention to the Man that it was his turn to teach the lesson. Considering that I do four of the five, I don't think it's too much to ask. He quickly covered his surprise and even said he already had a lesson ready. Really? Well, then, this ought to be good.

Opening Song: Popcorn Popping on the Apricot Tree (I think the kids keep picking this one because it's just too adorably funny to watch Baby do the actions)

Opening Prayer: Baby (again, a stinkin' adorable form of entertainment)

Lesson: Maybe it's the warmer weather or being so busy at work but the Man has been talking vacations for a bit. We've got Spring Break coming up fast. So the Man opened with talking about places we've visited before and asked which ones were their favorites. The Boy immediately chimes in.

"I liked that place where those little volcanoes blowed out goo."

Ah. He means Yellowstone. Another favorite was Goblin Valley.

We progressed through the meeting, a nice list growing of places we'd like to go, with the kids not even mentioned Disneyland once. I consider that a small victory. Just goes to show you that FHE doesn't have to be detailed and complicated to accomplish things together as a family.

Closing Prayer: The Man

Activity: We don't always get around to an activity but tonight, the Man demonstrated how to use an Ace bandage to wrap a sprained ankle. On my ankle. Because I am completely uncoordinated and managed to mess it up something fierce during my step aerobics class. It hurts.

Treat: I was responsible for treats so we had some delicious brownies. And I might've had another one once the kids went to bed...


Jillybean said...

I would love to see Baby sing Popcorn popping!

Do you have any brownies left? I can be to your house in a jiffy.

See Mom Smile said...

Nice. Our FHE is on Sunday nights. It usually consists of two time-outs, three "i'ts not fair", one "it's my turn for game!" and mommy crying uncrontrollably.

Kristie said...

So, did you plan up a fun trip for Spring Break?! :) Sounds like a fun FHE to me. Ours was on listening to the words of the prophets in preparation for conference here in a few weeks!!

annie valentine said...

Yeah, we tried to make a movie. They all went to be in meltdown because Junie "can't be a boy!" and Rex didn't have the right costume, and "What do you mean it's bedtime? We're not tired!"

Next week I'd like to substitute FHE for GNO.

Sami said...

My first question was "what is a starkle starkle, little twink?", but I did like a good girl should, and clicked on the link.
Did I mention I'm blonde?
The heiroglyphics made no sense to me.
Help a tired mama out, would ya???

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