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Sunday, April 25, 2010


So...how ya been?
I'm doing okay.
Getting there.
I have a five-pound bar of chocolate.

A few weeks ago I posted a link to a Spring-themed swap I joined. Friday, my package arrived! Woot! Two Beautiful Girls Mommy was my partner (and she has a craft blog but don't go over there unless you have the time because you will want to immediately make something!). She is currently stationed in Japan with her husband. And can I just say? I love it when my partner is living in another country! Here are the goodies:

Ooooo...where do I begin? My partner explains that in Japan, lunch is very creative. They put together "bento boxes," which would bring shame to my semi-smooshed Pb&Js. So she sent the supplies to craft these super fun and cute lunches. Each child got their own lunch kit, complete with little boxes for the various dishes. Then there were cutters, molds and squishers (no, seriously! you squish a boiled egg into a mold and it makes it fabulous!), flags and picks, and even some adorable little sauce containers shaped like monkeys. Then she included Japan treats, a book her friend wrote, and a journal with some hilarious "engrish" on it.

The front cover says "Are you there? The life of every day becomes pleasant." And the back reads: "It is possible to become happy when you are on the side. The thing that such happiness continues through all eternity prays." Love it!

Boo has been reading the children's book all day and declares it to be her new favorite. Today, I made the kids lunch using the special cutters and they ate everything, even the bread crusts. Thank you, Two Beautiful Girls Mommy!

These swaps are so much fun. I have always had a great partner. And I'm still planning on hosting one of my own...just not right now. I'll warn you when it's getting close.
(Are you still interested in doing a swap?)


Angel said...

Wow You got some great Stuff!! I love bento boxs I make them for myself and my sister all the time, plus they are a good way to make healthy food fun lol! I would love to join your swap when you do it! Please keep us posted!!

Tipi said...

ooooh I love the swap!
You inspire me.
We did a kinda swap.. I'll have to blog it. She sent us chocolates from Denmark! and we are sending her chocolate chips...she has never had chocolate chip cookies! or pancakes.

Lady of Perpetual Chaos said...

I totally want to do a bento box for my little girl when she starts school next fall. All I need to do is get the supplies and talent to make it all happen. I have until August. Wish me luck.

So, really, how are you doing? Really? All chocolate aside, you sound a little off from the Jessica I know and stalk. But you should know I would LOVE to do a Swap. I would host one, but on one would sign up besides me. Awkward. ;o)

Also, tell your husband that you need to take your family to Disneyland. Not want, NEED.

stewbert said...

so jealous about the bento supplies. *sigh* i should've asked my little brother to bring some back with him when they moved back to the states last month ... grah.

shortmama said...

Holy Moly you got awesome stuff!

Two Beautiful Girls Mommy said...

Ohh I am so glad your package arrived and that you like everything. I figured the bento sets would be right up your alley since you make cakes. I did get your package and it was awesome. I still need to post about it but things have been down right crazy here.

See Mom Smile said...

Okay I want a box in the mail from Japan with chocolate!! How totally fun!

Just SO said...

That is so cool!! I may be up for a swap but it would depend on when.

Jo said...

I totally admire the Japanese mommies and their bento boxes. I love all things Japanese, so I am totally drooling over the stuff you got. Did you know they have whole blogs devoted to that?

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