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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Don't Eat at Joe's

For Spring Break, we went camping down in Moab. Apparently, we didn't learn last year that spring camping in southern Utah is really hit-or-miss on the good weather. During the day, it was a lovely 70 degrees. But the night tipped down to the 30s. Good thing the trailer had a heater!

It was such good weather (a nice break from the snow we'd been having), that I neglected to remember the sunscreen on our first hike. I got the worst of it. Of course. Now everyone will know I was wearing a v-neck shirt.

The hiking was wonderful, the sights breath-taking, and the family well-behaved (and I'm not even being sarcastic!). It was such a great trip, that the Man suggested instead of crouching over a smokey campfire, slowly torturing hot dogs to death, we spend our last evening in a restaurant. I was in the mood for Mexican food. Both of the prominent Mexican establishments featured lots of stucco, turquoise trim, and scripted phrases touted their "authentic"-ness. We opted for the one closest to our campground: Fiesta Mexicana. (They don't have a website...shocker, I know.)

While we were being seated, I noticed the many signs prominently posted that limited drinks to one refill, no personal checks, and no split tabs. These people were serious.

The menu was vast and it was hard to narrow down the selections (because they didn't have chimichangas and that's what I always order). I opted for a House Special: fajita enchiladas.

The phrase "House Special" should have been my first clue.

The large scale to everything in that place should have been the second. They may limit you to one refill, but they give you a glass the size of a bucket. And look at Baby:

She could barely see over our super-sized table! (But I love this picture!)

So why was I so shocked when the waiter delivered this:

That's my dinner. Meant for one person, not three. It's on a pizza pan, people! A pizza pan! When was the last time you served a meal on a dish that size and didn't include half a dozen other diners?

Despite the seemingly insurmountable portions, I persevered. Not much leftover. (Of course, it helped that Baby is a bottomless pit and devoured most of my beans...) We really liked the food here (except for the Boy - he had a PB&J that I whipped up in the car before we went inside) and I will definitely beg the Man to come back next time we are in town. Besides, after all that hiking, I'll need someplace to cool off my newly acquired sunburn.


See Mom Smile said...

That looks delicious! I had an abundance of Mexican food last weekend and have been paying for it ever since! No sunburn, just heart burn!

Janell said...

I was writing a restaurant review the other day and found it amusing that I had to note that the amount of food on the plate was exactly enough for one person for one meal. It's so rare these days to not get several meals in one go!

The Slothower Family said...

Holy enchilada batman!!!! That is a BIG meal! Your baby is a bottomless pit while mine is a bird! We should trade sometime!!

Amanda said...

baby is ADORABLE...and that food is making me so hungry. I wish I could eat through the screen! Instead I'll go eat an apple and lay in bed watching Survivor. I already had a Whataburger and 2 cupcakes today...hence the apple:(

Kristie said...

I love, love, LOVE that adorable picture of your cute little baby girl!!!! What a doll she is! :) That is one huge meal that you got there. I am glad to hear that you had such an enjoyable camping trip!

Kristina P. said...

I really, really want a burrito now.

Brooke said...

Whoa, that is A LOT of food. What an adorable picture of your little girl. Definatley a favorite.

shortmama said...

Dont forget to post your swap package. Assuming you received it? Your partner also has not linked up so I had emailed her as well.

Jo said...

Good mexican food is hard to come by in Utah, you were very lucky. I love Baby's pigtails! What a cutie!

Cheryl said...

Holy Amount of Food girl! Remind me to eat there when we ever get to Moab. I will get one platter for all the kids to share! Way cute picture of baby! She looks so adorable!

Just SO said...

The size of that is INSANE!!! I can't believe it. But that is cool.

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