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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

An Open Letter From Boo

Dear Mean Boy,

You are not the boss of Seven Peaks and you are not the boss of the Tadpole Pool. Girls can play wherever they want. You can't tell me to leave. You are a mean, mean kid. I don't care if you are seven and I am only six. That doesn't make you the boss.

One mad little Boo

It's not a crocodile. It's an alligator. It's nose is too big to be a crocodile. You should spend less time being mean and more time reading books.

(Seven Peaks is our local water park and the Tadpole Pool is a kids' pool with smaller slide, shallow water and a few floating creatures to play with. Apparently, a kid was telling all the girls that they couldn't play on the floating alligator. Boo is much like her mother and does not tolerate being bossed around by stupid boys.)

(And I didn't know what the difference was between alligators and crocodiles...had to look it up online to make sure she was right before I posted this. Yup. She's right.)


Jillybean said...

Way to go Boo!!

SO said...

Stoopid boy! Way to stand up for yourself Boo!

Nat said...

What a mean boy. Way to tell him! My kids would definitely have known the difference.

Me said...

You tell 'em Boo!

Riddle Girl said...

You go GIRL!!! We need girls like her to keep the boys in line!

Tipi said...


*nudges person next to her*
smart & brave runs in the family you know.

Jo said...

You go Boo! Hopefully she told him just the same to his face.

Bonnie the Boss said...

boys are dumb! girlz rok!

Kristie said...

Yes, it looks as though Boo is following in her mother's footsteps quite nicely! :)

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