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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My 80s Song

You Are "Time After Time"

If you were transported back to the 80s, your life would be all about reflecting. (Why? Because I like reflective surfaces?)

You're a serious, earnest person - and you couldn't help but think a lot about how things were back then. (True...I liked the music and really? I miss my Crimper.)

You'd spend a lot of your time writing, researching, and learning. (Probably too much of my time doing that. I think I need to take a class or something to get me out of the house and away from the computer a little more.)

You would either become a social anthropologist - or a crazy guru with a knack for predicting the future. (Definitely the guru. It's more fun to say.)

What's Your 80s Karaoke Song?

I found this through Blog Stalkers Unite but cannot remember which blog it was on (sorry!). If you take the test, tell me what song you are in the comments! Or if you can think of a more fitting song, go with that one.


Kristina P. said...

Mine is Walk Like an Egyptian. Awesome!

Kelly said...

I haven't taken the quiz yet, but I heard Time After Time onthe radio this morning. I LOVE this song.

Me said...

Mine was 'Walk like an Egyptian'

"I would totally skateboard, play pac-man, and hang out at the mall"

Jessica G. said...

I took the test again, picking what I though the Man would pick...his song is "Like A Virgin."

Bonnie the Boss said...

Kristina, Danielle and I all were the same song! Too funny!

tara @ kidz said...

Crimpers rule!

Minxy Mimi said...


You Are "Love Shack"
If you were transported back to the 80s, you would enjoy anything and everything underground.
You love the alternative aspects of 80s culture, and you're a bit disappointed that they've been forgotten over time.

You'd be goth, punk, new wave, or a rapper. Just not a yuppie, a preppy, or a jock!
You would relish living in a time where identifying with a subculture actually meant something.

Jillybean said...

Like a Virgin.

I really wanted Walk like an Egyptian.

Chris said...

I love 80's music!!!

Tausha said...

I forgot about this. I must go and do this. i could use the pick me up today.
So-did I win your giveaway? :)
I opened an etsy shop. Go and look. I made some super cute VT kits that I know you and all your friends and family are going to love! :)
I am going to do a giveaway somtime today, make sure you come over. But, you will alredy be there cause you are giong to tell me I won your giveaway-right??

Jo said...

It was a tossup between Walk Like An Eygptian and Time After Time. I am going with Time though, seems more like me.

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