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Monday, January 5, 2009

Foto Friday: Toes!

Yeah, I know it's not Friday...I'm still trying to catch up.

The Boy and I were playing Hi Ho Cherry-O. He lost interest (after I won the fourth time in a row) and wandered off. I picked up the book I was reading ("Eclipse." Yes, for the third time. Shut up.) and quickly became absorbed in the agonizing teenage drama. When the Boy returned, I noticed but didn't stop reading. Then he starts playing with my feet. But Jasper was telling Bella his story so I couldn't look up for the next several minutes. When I did, this is what I found:

Those are cherries from the game stuck in there. Do you like my pedicure? I asked the pedicure lady to give me something fun and pink, since I was just about to have a baby girl. Anyway, this got me thinking about the kids' feet. I joke that the kids belong to the Man, but I'm not sure they're mine because they look just like him and his sister. And it's not just their faces. Check out their toes.

These are da Boo's toes. I had a picture of the Boy's but his were all blurry because the concept of "standing still" is so foreign to him. Look how long her toes are compared to my short, stubby ones. They're already almost as long! I call 'em Monkey Toes. She uses them to pick up toys and that kinda creeps me out. Despite the fetish some have, I'm just not into feet. Maybe it's also why I don't really care about shoes. Feet are just weird. Especially those feet with Monkey Toes. Toes are for balance and for painting, not for picking up stuff!

There's been some debate as to whom the Baby resembles most, since she has brown hair and an as-yet-undetermined color of eyes. But all I needed was a look at her toes.

Et tu, Baby?


Kristina P. said...

Love the cherry pedicure!

And I'm sure your little girl is just as beautiful as you!

Jessica said...

I agree that feet are gross. But my reasoning goes the other way. They are gross so I need something cute to cover them up (shoes)! I just awarded you on my blog, come see!

Jillybean said...

Max likes to play Hi Ho Cherry-O too.

And you just had to post the baby feet. You know how I feel about baby feet!
I'm just sitting here, staring at the cuteness. How can you stand that much cuteness?
Baby feet are the best.

Heather said...

Ok first that was hilarious. Second--Your children are lucky to look like me. Seriously, da boo has a bright future ahead minus the teenage years which I considered "the ugly years." And third having monkey toes is really hard. I was actually called monkey toes in 10th grade along with finger toes during seminary because I made the mistake of wearing sandals...sigh. Keep the children away from sandals.

Amanda said...

Your pedicure is pretty and those cherries are dang cute:)

Jessica G. said...

Heather - Too right. Da Boo will be way cute when she grows up, which is way I am already encouraging the Man to practice cleaning his shotgun.

Jo said...

My toes are short, but they are monkey toes, none the less. I can pick stuff up with them, I can even pinch somebody with them! Comes in handy, feet are longer than arms.

Mary said...

When I lived in HI I always had my toes beautifully pedicured b/c all I wore was flip flops...but I haven't had them done in years!

I am not a feet person, but I had a friend who refused to look at anyone's feet & would make you keep your shoes on at her house, or either cover your feet with a blanket.

ramsam said...

I usually am fine when talking about feet, but for some reason this post and all these foot comments are kind of freaking me out today.


Nat said...

I love the feet pictures! I am also not a foot person. Remeber my little guy born a few days after your little guy? His toes are as long as mine, and I can write with my toes. His toes look like mini-fingers.

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