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Sunday, December 28, 2008

What Would Santa Do?

So this last week opened me up to a new level of frustration and eye-rolling. The Boy took "pain in the royal behind" to heart and made it his personal goal to irritate the snot out of everyone. Don't believe me? Here's a little sample of what he did just in the days before Christmas.
  • Stole Baby's pacifier and hid it when he knew she wanted it.
  • Tantrums unnumbered over the most seemingly insignificant things (like which chair he got at the dinner table - the actual chair, not the place at the table).
  • After first engaging Boo in a hug, he proceeds to bite her arm so hard that not only did it bruise, but it also broke the skin.
  • Snuck most of the Christmas fudge. It took me a couple days to catch on that I wasn't the one eating so much of it.
  • Swung my painting on the wall until it fell off.
  • Took any and every opportunity to annoy Boo, making her either cry or yell at him - both of which would result in them getting in trouble.
That's enough for now, but there are more. Even threatening to call Santa and then picking up the phone to do so did not deter his bad behavior. He spent a portion of every day in time out but it didn't seem to affect him. I was at a loss as to what to do. Maybe it is the new baby, the holiday season where his schedule is off, or the influx of sugar. Whatever the cause, his behavior was making me cry daily (that could also be the hormones, as I was already getting weepy over some of the Christmas songs on the radio).

Then I had an idea. Remember how he kept asking Santa for a spiderweb and I had no clue what he meant? I had planned on making one from red yarn but come Christmas Eve, me and the Man stayed up way too late (playing Rock Band) and I decided I just couldn't make it. And to be perfectly honest? I really didn't want to. So I contemplated leaving him a message from Santa, saying something to the effect of "Sorry, but you landed on the naughty list so no spiderweb. And next year, don't bite your sister." I thought it was genius! The Man and I snickered over it for some time but in the end, I didn't leave a note, either. Besides, even a personal letter from Santa himself would be lost on the Boy.

And you know what? He didn't even notice there wasn't a spiderweb on Christmas morning.

Would you have left the letter from Santa?


Popcorn House said...

We had a girl get extra presents for being so good. I don't know why kids go through these phases where you just want to scream they drive you so crazy. Obviously, he is jealous of the baby.....but still doesn't make it any easier to handle. Good luck!!! Let me know if you find something that works really well on boys. I am getting tired of hearing that Spiderman poops in his pants!!!

Kristina P. said...

I don't have kids so take this for what it's worth, but I probably wouldn't have left a letter.

I know we joke about getting coal in the stockings, but when it comes to Santa, who is so close to kid's hearts, I think there are some things that just cross a line.

Jessica G. said...

Interesting point, Kristina. I have to wonder if he's too young to "get" Santa, since those threats didn't work.

And if I gave him coal, he'd probably just wonder where I hid the train that it went to.

Chris said...

Santa would probably leave a letter like that in my house. I imagine Santa would have said something like this ...
I love you & have a wonderful present for you but since you were so naughty I can not give it to you. It would break the "No presents for naughty children" rule.
Because I love you so much & know that you CAN be a very good boy you are getting a second chance to show the world. I will be back New Years day if you can show your family how good you can be I can give you the present saved just for you.

Diane said...

Kenny and the boy have a lot in common. Kenny climbed into the crib and stabbed Rachel in the face with one of those Tupperware orange peelers. I would love to say that the need for security, love and attention will be met soon and he will never throw another fit, but it is 10 years later for us and we are still finding that being sandwiched in between two lovely girls is a hard spot for any normal boy. I am glad Santa didn't leave a note. Right now the boy needs lots of ears listening to what he is trying to tell you and lots of hugs from his mom and dad. Call me if you need to talk. (Seriously! We have been through this and there are some things I would have done differently.)

Jillybean said...

Max and the Boy are the same age, and I don't think Max would understand the Santa threat either. Still too young. It works much better when they're older and you can tell them that "Santa" will sell their toys on eBay.
(Not that we've ever threatened to do that or anything)
One year, CJ was being particularly naughty on Christmas night, and while he was upstairs, Santa came to the front door and took his favorite gift away for a few days. (Yes, I was THAT desperate) Unfortunately, my kids have amazing imaginations, and instead of being upset that the toy was gone, he just pretended to play with it like it was still there.
Sometimes you just can't win.

Janell said...

"You're not a bad person, but this is bad behavior. Very bad behavior."

Ok, so I stole the line from a movie. It's a good line.

Then embellish something like, "If you so much as consider crying out for attention again in the next 365 days, I will not only give you more coal next year, but I'll ship you off to a coal mine where the value of your small stature offsets your ill manners."

Ok, so maybe that's a little to much. "No cookies," is probably more appropriate to his age group.

Amanda said...

Chris --I love your idea:)

But I am a softie when it comes to Christmas and usually never threaten with Santa and gifts. Good luck! I am sure it is the new little babe that is making him cry out for attention. And remember boys are SO DIFFERENT from girls! I love the book "love and Logic for Preschoolers" from birth to age 6. Not that it will solve all your problems! It's just a good book!

Debi said...

Boy is still a baby from a grandmother's point of view. Just bare with him as he adjusts to the newness of his position as big brother. It is always harder to deal with everything once the parents are outnumbered by the children.

Nat said...

I don't think Santa would have left a letter at our house. I think that would be too traumatic for my kids. But I think Chris had a great idea...a second chance! Good luck with The Boy! It sounds like someone is a bit jealous!

Sue said...

Mwa ha ha I wouldn't leave the letter, but oh dear heaven, I UNDERSTAND THE TEMPTATION.

hee hee

Kristie said...

So sorry! It is always hard on the siblings when there is a new one taking their place as baby!! I agree that he needs lots of hugs and kisses and even though it seems hard, it will be better. :) Here's hoping tomorrow will be a better day!

Tim and Angie said...

I think I would have left the note. Even if it didn't sink in with the boy it would help me to feel better I had made my point. I'm sorry your holidays were a little frustrating.

Jo said...

Someone is having a tough time being booted out of the baby slot in his family. Bless his heart, he is lucky mommy didn't make him an igloo in the back yard and then go live in it! Good luck, he will get over it. Or not...

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