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Friday, December 12, 2008

New Mother

Since I would be recovering from having a baby, I've set up a few posts to automatically publish while I am away so you don't go into withdrawals. Aren't I the greatest?

Da Boo was a week late. I tried everything to get myself to go into labor but nothing work. The doctor wanted to induce me on Halloween. I actually argued for later...no way was I having a little girl with a Halloween birthday. Day after Halloween, I went to the hospital where they tried the induction, then told me to go walk around for a few hours. We went to the mall (I got a really cute Halloween decoration that was on clearance). Then I had a huge contraction in a furniture store. I think the store owner was more concerned about it than I was. We went back to the hospital. But I wasn't in full labor. More induction drugs and they sent me out again. This time we went to a restaurant. I looked rather odd standing the whole time and pacing the walkways but hey, I was having contractions! Third trip to the hospital. Third dose. This time, it was getting late so we walked around Target. Finally, they let me stay at the hospital.

Around 6 am the next morning, I asked the nurse if I was just being a wimp or if these were strong contractions. She said they were really strong ones and she was surprised I hadn't already asked for an epidural. I asked for one now. Unfortunately, the anesthesiologist on duty was getting to the end of his shift. If he gave me an epidural, then he would have to stay until I had the baby. They asked if I wouldn't mind waiting until 7 am, when the next doctor would be on duty. I agreed and then proceeded to whimper for nearly an hour. When he did come and administer the epidural, I was ready to name the baby after him.

Around 2 pm, after I'd been having full contractions for 26 hours, my doctor says he didn't think I would be able to have this baby on my own and that they really needed to proceed with a c-section. By this point, I was so tired and weak and whiny that I would have agreed to nearly anything just get that baby out!

While undergoing the surgery, I was so loopy that when I heard a baby cry, I thought: "Oh, cute! A baby!" Took a moment before I realized that it was MY baby!

After all that work, I finally got to see da Boo. Wanna see our first picture together?

In all fairness, I think I was actually talking when the Man snapped this picture. But I was probably saying something like "Wait...what do I do now?"


Amanda said...

you are WONDERFUL to plan ahead these posts for us! I really enjoyed this one! I like to hear about labor/ delivery any day:)

Kelly said...

Wow, besides the hair, I think the sisters look a lot a like.
You know what helped me? I talked to Kyla and told her you better be early or on time like your momma. You better not be late like your daddy. My talking did the trick, she was 4 weeks early. That's my girl!

Kristina P. said...

You actually look very beautiful!

Emma said...

I love the post about da Boo's entry into the world. That is so sweet of you to have posts for us while you are recovering.

the letter Bee said...

Wow, you look good in your hospital pictures!

Jillybean said...

Blogger just ate my comment >:0(

Thank you for scheduling your posts. You look really good in your hospital picture, and after an entire day of labor too. My pictures are scary, and I didn't do labor.
Your babies are way cute!

Chris said...

Wow, what an experience!
I would like to honestly say you look absolutely beautiful & stoned, stoned & beautiful. Not that being stoned is beautiful. I just haven't seen you in a long time & you still look great even after giving birth!!!

Kristie said...

Way to plan ahead!! I really enjoyed your post! You do look really good for just having gone through a long labor and c-section!

Janell said...

You are the best blogger ever for writing posts in advance! Hurrah you! What a wonderful person for not making my blog-reading addiction suffer while you deal with the ups and downs of a new baby.

In the picture you look so young, and a bit stunned, and young.

trisha too said...

Congratulations! Dat boo is bootiful indeed.

The picture is fantastic--it speaks volumes!

You blessed family, you have a baby to coo over for Christmas . . .


trisha too said...

Congratulations! Dat boo is bootiful indeed.

The picture is fantastic--it speaks volumes!

You blessed family, you have a baby to coo over for Christmas . . .


Brooke said...

Your're awesome Jessica! Your even thinking of us durring this special time.

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