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Thursday, April 26, 2012

You Are My Obsession

So I finally got a dog. Hooray! *doing the happy dance*

And as much as I love this dog, I think she might just love me more. Maybe a little too much. Seriously.

While it's so very sweet that she is always within three feet of me, she's very little and quiet so she frequently gets stepped on. I'm not used to having a shadow! None of the kiddos ever followed me around like this (unless I was trying to use the bathroom by myself). This devoted behavior has taken some getting used to.

Also, I have my designated spot on the couch and have no qualms about asking people to move (think Sheldon on "Big Bang Theory"). Whenever I sit down, she's right there with me, trying to wiggle her way onto my lap before my computer makes it there first. And even then, she will rest her head on the touch pad until she's gotten enough scratches under her ears. She's content to press up against my leg and doze while I check Facebook conduct important online research. But when I get up, she is following, attempting to press her cold nose against any exposed skin as I walk. And she likes to lick my toes.

But lately, she's taken her obsession to a whole new level of crazy. Since she has to compete with the kids and the Man for my attention, she's decided that sitting next to me is no longer acceptable. Now, she insists on planting her fuzzy bum directly on my chest. I don't know about the majority of you, but I'd rather not smell like eau de canine buttikus. So I will gently scoot her tush to one side. Sometimes she's fine with that and will sit quietly, pressing as much of her belly against me as possible. Other times, like when there's a kid already sitting there, she scampers back on to my lap and seats herself on my bosoms. Not acceptable. Again, I will tenderly - but perhaps a little more firmly - adjust her position. And around and around we'll go until a) I stand up b) the offending child moves to another location or c) she gets all pouty.

Awww, poor baby. So pouty at the other end of the couch.

But seriously…no dog butts in my face, mmkay?


Kristina P. said...

Awww, she's so cute! Mr. T likes to hog my side of the bed all night. No, he can't be in the middle. He has to be right on top of me. Snoring and farting.

Miss Angie said...

Oh my gosh, sooooo cute! I'm so happy for you and that doggie, I'm glad you love each other!

But yeah, no dog butts in the face.

Jessica G. said...

I think my dog missed me more my kids did...

Mary said...

I had a dog like that, it's both frustrating and adorable!

I always feel like Koa misses me more, but that may be because I am the only one that gives him greenies.

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