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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Party Pooper

Hey, I've got a dilemma and am having a heck of a time making a decision. Care to weigh in on it?

Da Boo's birthday is fast approaching. She decides a year in advance what the theme will be and then insists on discussing ideas for her party on a weekly basis. And believe me, I wish that last statement was an exaggeration. It is not. This year, since her birthday is so very close to October 31st, she decided she wanted a Halloween party. Cool. I love Halloween.

Now, here's the problem. Halloween is on a Sunday this year. We don't, as a family rule, have friend parties on Sundays. Breaking that rule just this once is not possible. Ain't gonna happen (we Mormons are hard-headed like that). So that's Factor #1.

Factor #2 is the fact that I am Goddess of the Activities for my church (or Ward Activities Chair, for those of you in on the lingo). I have to plan, prepare, and pull-off four activities per year with an average attendance of 250 people. Not an easy task. The Fall event -- already scheduled and half-planned with other committees contributing -- is set for the Friday before Halloween. Since I will already be going half crazy from the ward event, I cannot, for the love of sanity, mix Boo's party into the same weekend. That takes out a Friday or Saturday party. (And let's be honest, Thursday's gone, too.)

So maybe I just have it earlier; like the weekend before or maybe sooner that week. However, I, like many of my mom friends, usually do not have the kids' costumes completely finished this far in advance. Do I have it early and risk some kids not coming because they don't have an outfit yet? There's Factor #3.

Boo's actual birthday is just a day or two after Halloween. So here's the dilemma you've all been waiting for: I've considered holding the party on her actual birthday. Would this be totally lame? Would the costumes already be stashed away? Too much of a candy overload? Put yourself in the parent-role of a child invited to a Halloween costume party after Halloween and tell me what you would think.


Kristina P. said...

I think that would be fine. I think I might have it the week before, but I don't think it's an issue to do it after.

Mary said...

I'd say have the party the weekend after Halloween, or my second choice would be the weekend before. If you give people enough notice, they'll know to have the costumes done in time. Can't wait to see pix.

(p.s. I tried the cake extender, and I love how it turned out...can't wait to make it this weekend!)

Jessica said...

I would do it the weekend before because if the kids are anything like my kids, I will have one costume ready and they will be changing their minds so it gives them a chance to wear a variety! :)

Popcorn House said...

I agree with everyone else have it the Friday night 29th or Saturday the 30th. Cause like you said EVERY little Mormom kid would love a Halloween party. My kids are already sad about it being on a Sunday. AND that the 4th was on a Sunday too. ;o)

Janell said...

To avoid the dilemma of kids without costumes before Halloween you could have an activity in which the kids make a costume: brown paper bags, pre-cut masks, construction paper, yarn, and magic markers.

I would lean towards having Boo's birthday be on the leading of the Halloween season rather than trailing. It's just more exciting that way and will feel less like, "Wait, having we already played the donut-on-a-string game twice this year?"

Alternatively, hosting her birthday after Halloween means you should be able to dig up a lot of post-Halloween sales. You could avoid the adding to kid's candy crazes by giving out spider rings and whatever other Halloween knick-knacks you can get on clearance.

Jillybean said...

I was going to suggest the same thing as Janell, have them make some sort of costume. Buy those masks on a stick and have glitter, feathers and other sparkly thinks to glue on them.
You could also do some face painting.

Brooke said...

I would go for the week before Halloween. With enough notice, having a costume shouldn't be a problem.

hairyshoefairy said...

I think either the weekend before or on her birthday after Halloween would be fine. Even if it's after the fact kids are usually still happy to wear their costumes.

Stacy Q said...

Normally I'd say with a birthday it doesn't really matter whether it's before or after, I'd go with what's easier for you.

But tying it to a holiday, with the Holiday theme... Somehow to me holiday related things sort of have an expiration date on them. I'd do it sometime the week or weekend before.
The points of other commentors that if you wait until after you'll hit all the sales of Halloween stuff is a good one, though.

rocslinger said...

I may be a little off base here (what, me off base) but would it be possible to include your daughter's birthday in with the ward party? Let's say a cake and the ward singing happy birthday, maybe a surprise party? Than just have a "get together" on the day of her birthday?

Tim and Angie said...

I would totally do it after Halloween. If parents know about it, the costumes won't be put away yet. Good luck, with both parties.

Deborah said...

I think the weekend before Halloween. My kids would love to have an excuse to wear their costumes and show them off before trick or treating. They are begging me to make their costumes right now, in fact.

stewbert said...

I'm really behind on reading blogs or this one would NOT have made me panic! now all I'm thinking about is costumes, Halloween, my stepdaughter's birthday (which IS Halloween), and my husband's birthday (3 days later). And I have nothing done for any of them.

Two gift cards are in order. Now to think about two... THREE!! costumes! *sob*

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