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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What I Learned On My Summer Vacation

We've had a busy summer! I can blame my lackluster posting on the events going down amongst the heat and bugs. While soaking in the family time, I managed to actually learn a few things along the way.

Mario Kart on the Wii is really, really fun. Driving a real cart is even better! (Unless, of course, a younger cousin gets in the way...don't worry, he was fine!)

Kansas consists of sunflowers, cornfields, humidity, and bugs. Mostly the bugs.

Grandmas have magical abilities but Great-Grandma is even more beguiling, capable of soothing multiple babies at once.

Most of my cute tops require a shirt underneath (so I'm not scaring young children when I lean over). But layered shirts and high humidity are not friends. In fact, they pretty much hate each other and will make life miserable for anyone who dares to combine them.

Young boys would much rather sleep in a cave consisting of couch cushions and a table than share the pull-out sofa with their sister.

When visiting your cousins, you might discover you failed to pack an essential item: lipgloss. No worries, my Boo. Butter makes an excellent substitute. (And pay no attention to the odd looks you get from the other diners and wait staff...they're just envious that they didn't think of it first!)

(Baby + dumdum sucker)carseat = Impossibly Sticky Mess. I'm just glad she wasn't wearing white.

It's never too early to introduce your offspring to the finer things in life, like expensive cheese, trips to exotic locales, and massage chairs. Baby stayed in this chair for a solid hour, which is quite the feat when she's not asleep.

There you have it! Now you, too, can benefit from my knowledge and save yourself the two-day-one-way trip in a van with three small children. It's been a couple weeks since we've returned and I still haven't recovered...of course, it might help if I actually finished unpacking.

What did you learn this summer?

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Janell said...

Your kids are so cute :) I love the sassy butter-gloss photo!

Kristina P. said...

That I eat too many sweets!

Me (aka Danielle) said...

I had learned nothing until I read this post.

The butter lipgloss and the makeshift bed are truly priceless!

Me (aka Danielle) said...

I had learned nothing until I read this post.

The butter lipgloss and the makeshift bed are truly priceless!

The Slothower Family said...

I learned that there is definetly a limit to how long you should have house guests (my sister and her 3 children without the dad, and my 2 teenage nieces. That limit is 1 week, maybe 10 days at the most. Not 3 weeks!!! No No No not 3 weeks!!

It was a tough lesson to learn, I am still recovering! Cute pics! I sure miss your beautiful children!

Bonnie the Boss said...

Great list!!! I used to like to sleep in caves too!!!
I learned that at any age sprinklers can be fun!!

Nat said...

Layered shirts and nursing are not friends, either.

Neither are zip up the back dresses and nursing.

Stay away from fiber-rich cereal, refried beans and onions. Little guy's stomach doesn't handle them so well!

Playaways from the library are wonderful for little boys who are bored out of their minds.

I guess I've learned a lot this Summer!

Debi said...

I learned that loosing your baby to a Colorado man (who moved to Texas) is not nearly as hard as loosing your child to the angels, even if it seemed like it might be.

Kelly said...

I learned that being pregnant in the Texas heat is horrible, especially with twins. I guess I didn't learn that lesson with the first.

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