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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Just Hand It Over

Boo and I were discussing her upcoming Field Day at school. She had a list of treats and goodies available from the concession stand. I told her I'd give her $2 (because she doesn't read my blog so can't get $50) for snacks. Then I tried to explain to her that the items were priced in quarter increments, giving her examples of the different combinations she could get.

Me: Sno Cones are 50 cents and nachos are a $1 so you could get both of those and still have some money left over.
Boo: Can I get a drink, too?
Me: Yep. You'd have enough for one drink because they are 50 cents.
Boo: ...
Me: Or you can get other things. You don't have to get nachos or a drink. There's lots of stuff on here and you might decide you want some candy instead.
Boo: ...
Me: So remind me in the morning and I give you $2 before school.
Boo: Can I have your credit card instead?


And as the voluptuous Boob Nazi reminded me, I never announced a winner for the make-me-laugh-or-at-least-keep-me-from-being-so-dang-miserable contest. Two entries made me bust out laughing:
Mary's Swagger Wagon (because I drive one)
the Co-ed's ASL in the USA (the faces he makes are just too funny)

Congrats to Mary, who will get the iTunes card, and to the Co-ed, who will get cupcakes or something equally as carb-laden! (Mary, email me your address!)


I'm wearing white pants to the Casual Blogger Conference...hey, Memorial Day is only, like, two days away...that should be fine, right? Right? Please don't judge me for my fashion ineptitude. Judge me for my split modifiers and dangling participles.


And don't forget to enter my contest for the $50 gift card to CSN's online stores!


Me (aka Danielle) said...

Boo is one SMART gal! I love it!

And the white pants..I thought that rule went out with the times? You should be fine!

Janell said...

I saw a lovely Zebra Cake tutorial today, and I thought of you. Cake reminds me of you. Not cows or ducks. Cake. I was skimming through the comments, and discovered you'd already discovered the cake yourself. It's a small Internet world!

Boo's teenage years will be interesting if she's already realized the convenience of a credit card.

Jessica G. said...

Janell - Loved that Zebra cake! I think I'll make it for Sunday dinner. And then I'll make it again the next time you come visit Utah.

Cheryl said...

A girl after my own heart! You have taught her well :)
The white pant thing, that is just an old thing, you can wear them whenever you want girl!

Wonder Woman said...

I'm just glad to know you'll be wearing pants. I plan on it, too but the term "mocktail" made me second guess my choice. I think pants (white or colored) are more than fine.

have I mentioned that I love your background? I almost chose it for myself.

The Boob Nazi said...


Mary said...

Yeah!!! I rarely win anything...and I have SO MUCH music that I wanted to buy, but I'm cheap and keep putting it off. Thanks Jessica!!!!

Kristie said...

So funny! If you are handing out money, I am always open to getting some...... :)

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