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Monday, May 31, 2010

Come and Get It!

Just got back from looking up a winning comment from Random.org! Wanna know who was selected -- randomly -- as the winner? There were the 45 posted comments + the 15 additional entries for jumping through all my hoops. Random.org selected comment #7, which was from my buddy nikki:
nikki said...
I just want a girls day out, movie and a nice dinner! or maybe a massage. Hope you are feeling better soon, and I am glad you posted this link. I lost my old computer and along with it all my blog sites.
May 24, 2010 3:24 PM
Congratulations, nikki! Maybe you can get some massage accessories and recruit your husband while you watch a cheesy girl movie! (Email me your address, just in case I have an old one.)

While I was being a shrinking flower at the Casual Blogger Conference, I picked up some pretty cool stuff. Amongst my hoard were several business cards from companies who love to sponsor contests and giveaways on blogs. That could be fun! I'll be posting about my experience here shortly.


Tipi said...

dear B.Sister
I miss you.
we never get to talk anymore.
i miss you. Did I already say that?

Well, i will try to call someday soon.
Give my love to all that crazies in your house.

Oh excitement! I am going to a chocolate party of some kind... I am sure it's some kind of set up... but hey CHOCOLATE!
Love Ya!

nikki said...

YEAH!! ! I was out with the kids all day yesterday so I haven't even been on the computer since Monday morning! I am so excited :) :) :) Thanks Jess.

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