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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Jubilant Jessica Judges Jazz

I can't think of anything halfway interesting to post. It's kinda like this flair that I have on my Facebook page (because flair is awesome). It says "I can't brain today...I have the dumb." So I am going to make all of you suffer through my dumb and read this meme. I've seen a couple different versions and thought it would be fun.

Apparently, everything has to start with the first letter in your first name and you can't copy what someone else wrote but no one else was a J so I can't cheat anyway (darn it).

1. What is your name: Jessica
2. A four Letter Word: Jump (for my love)
3. A boy's Name: Jackson (or if you live in Utah, Jaxon)
4. A girl's Name: Judy
5. An occupation: Jury rigger
6. A color: Jade
7. Something you wear: Jeans
8. A food: Jelly beans
9. Something found in the bathroom: Jewelry
10. A place: Jamaica
11. A reason for being late: Just woke up
12. Something you shout: Jerk! (but only while driving and to people I don't know)
13. A movie title: Jumanji
14. Something you drink: Juice
15. A musical group: Jimmy Eat World
16. An animal: Jaguar (thank goodness my name doesn't start with N!)

So the next time your brain has the dumb, feel free to post this!


Kristina P. said...

I would love to see you do jazz hands.

Me said...

Jury rigger, huh? You are too funny!

SO said...

Thanks for the song implant!! Great J's.

pam said...

I may be stealing this from you!

Lorie said...

I think the Jaxson comment was my favorite. And I have to say that I LOVE that you have HSM3 playing! Best scene in the movie!

Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...

What a fun post idea!

Thanks for stopping by and entering my first giveaway. Good luck!

I'm following you too!

Rupper Family said...

Uh...what starts with W? I think being knocked up means having the brain cells knocked out of ya, oh, and the skin elasticity. And the patience. I can't do this...W!?

And hey, #16, I can tell watching Diego is paying off for ya!

Shauna said...

I just tagged you at my blog :)
Hope you have a Happy Thursday!
♥ HUGS ♥

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