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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Looking at the Calendar

Chocolate Calendar quote for today:
"In some parts of the world
they eat bugs for supper.
Man, are you lucky."

While normally the Chocolate Calendar is beyond error, I have to disagree with this one. Obviously, the author has never eaten at my house, ever. Then again, after the horrible meals, there's usually some chocolate available to get the taste out of your mouth. Just don't ask me about the delicious chocolate mousse I made my parents for dessert tonight...with expired cream. Good thing there was ice cream in the freezer!


Nat said...

I actually thought about your "garlic with a hint of potatoes" when I was making lunch today. My baby got into the fridge and dropped an entire jar of minced garlic on the floor. Now you can smell "garlic with a hint of kitchen" all over the house! Good times!

Jan said...

So sorry about the cream. That sent chills up my spine. Glad you had some ice cream on hand too :)

Heather said...

mmmm I can't wait for dessert again! For serious.

Tipi said...


peanutbutter cookies


I must torture you, it is my calling in life.

Jen said...

Definatly no laying on the floor for seminary. We removed the couch that was in the room for that specific purpose. We have tables and chairs so it is like a classroom...laying your head on the table is not as comfy.

Jill said...

Ice cream is good.

Actually, it's better than good.

It's especially good when you are putting your son's birthday cake in the oven only to find out that your oven is no longer working, and your entire family is coming over for cake and ice cream in exactly one hour, and it's Sunday.

We too were quite glad that we had ice cream in the freezer.

I hear from all the experts that ice cream is really good for you when you're pregnant!

OK, I made that up, but ice cream is still really good.

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