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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Do-It-Yourself Valentine's Day

While I worked hard at not dying this week, the impending holiday snuck up on me! It's a very good thing that I obsess over Valentine's Day and already have supplies and ideas. So no hand-cut heart-shaped pepperoni or pink pancake breakfast but there was plenty of love. This year was simplified. And you can be sure that next year, I will pull out all the stops (provided I am able to breathe.)

Since my family insists on pizza every year, I stuck with it. It's my own fault, really. If my homemade pizza wasn't so good, it wouldn't be like this. However, since I was barely able to breathe without a coughing fit, I set out the balls of dough, sauce, and toppings.

This is Boo making her pizza (I learned the individual foil sheets tip from a toddler cooking class years ago - and names were written with a permanent marker because once they're baked, pizzas don't look the same). There were some adorable heart pizzas...except for one. Someone - and I won't say who but his initials are The Man - went for a normal circle. Geesh.

Along with pizza, we had fruit salad, chips (not heart-shaped, sorry), jell-o, and special drinks.

I really need to take a class on food photography. I take boring pictures. The jell-o was two different sizes and flavors: cherry (a nice deep red) and watermelon (soft pink). This year, the ice cubes in the drinks were made with Ruby Pomegranate juice, which was a lovely shade of pink and made the Sprite taste fabulous. It was my favorite part.

Dessert was also hands-on. I found little heart-shaped cupcake liners, so I baked our favorite chocolate cake. After dinner, I set out bowls of pink and chocolate frosting, along with decorator bags of the same frosting (HINT: When letting kids use your decorator bags, use a twisty-tie on the end, or be prepared to clean up huge drops of frosting that gets squeezed out). There were plenty of candies and sprinkles.

Lots of fun! The Boy was particularly pleased with his creation.

I'm still thinking about hosting a swap. I thought we'd do a package consisting of things in your swap partner's favorite color. What do you think?

Happy 3rd Birthday to my Blog! Oh, they grow up so fast...


Kristina P. said...

That looks like the perfect menu! I haven't had homemade pizza for a very long time.

elesa said...

Are you interested in sharing your awesome pizza recipe? I want to make some and it really scares me.

And I hope you get over almost dying soon.

The Boob Nazi said...

All of those were SO adorable.

Bonnie the Boss said...

So dang cute!!! You are an awesome mom!

♥ Noelle ♥ said...

hey! i jumped over from the mamarazzi's swap sign up. i LOVE your blog!! and i too am a SWAP junkie!! its so dang fun, isn't it? i did join the spring swap at little miss heirlooms today too!

btw, all the cute valentine things you did with your kids are sweet! my boys and i did those same valentine cakes in the heart tins!!

noelle :)

Emma said...

I love your fun Valentines dinner. The swap sounds like a lot of fun. I need to find the those heart tins. Such a cute idea! Hope you are feeling better.

Nat said...

Wow! I am impressed! Valentine's Day snuck up on you and you still went all out!

Brooke said...

Looks yummy. You're a much funner mom than me. I need to take lessons. The color swap sounds fun.

Mary said...

those pizzas look mighty tasty, and the flavored ice cubes in the sprite is a great idea!!

Erika Jean said...

cute pizza idea!!

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