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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Soaking it up

Despite the fact that she's now past the one year marker, Baby had yet to have a bath in the Big Tub. As an infant, bath time in the little plastic tub that fit over my sink was not a pleasant experience once she discovered her lungs. My ears would ring for a good hour after. So instead of that torment, Baby got a shower. She was much more content in a downpour than in a puddle of water. However, as she's gotten bigger, she's gotten more wiggly.

(Baby + soapy water)wiggles = very slippery situation.

Although we decided weeks ago that she needed to upgrade to the big tub, I was still slow in implementing the process. Tonight, I bit the bullet. After Boo's shower, we filled the tub and let Boo stay in so she could help.

Once she saw the bath, Baby was very excited. I had a hard time getting her out of her diaper before she was trying to plunge head-first into the tub. I'd include pictures, but I'd rather not get arrested. She had definitely outgrown her crying fits! Maybe it was all that time at our local water park this summer...

Even though she's a strong sitter/crawler, I had Boo hold her up from behind and minimize the wiggling while I scrubbed. She wiggled, as was to be expected, and Boo lost her grip a few times. Nothing like a face full of water to help Baby learn the tub ropes. But she loved it. Actually, that might be an understatement.

Baby loved taking a bath so much that it took TWO full-grown adults to hold her back from joining her brother in the tub. I'm still worn out from that wrestling match!

But hey, at least it's no longer a screamfest.

How did your kids handle the Big Tub?


Tim and Angie said...

B outgrew his infant tub about a month ago. He LOVES the big tub too. A takes tubs with him. He does fall over sometimes, but nothing too traumatic. I'm always soaking wet though because he sure likes to splash!

Kristie said...

sooo fun! Glad to hear that baby is enjoying the big tub. :) I enjoy when I get to upgrade my kids to the big tub because it means that I can bathe more than one at a time! :)

Annette Lyon said...

I was too lazy to ever do the sink thing. I always just put the little tub INTO the big tub. So when transition time came, I just filled the tub and kept the baby in the little one so they'd get used to more water.

But now I just say, "Go take a shower." Kinda rocks.

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