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Friday, October 17, 2008

Foto Friday #14

Well, folks, there almost wasn't a Foto Friday today. Not because I forgot (again) but because I didn't take any pictures all week. And nothing really remarkable happened. It was kinda a slow week (my two sisters-in-law who had babies this week are going to hate me for saying that...).

One big thing that's going on: da Boo is now sharing her room with the Boy. I don't think it's absolutely necessary to my children's well-being that they always have their own room. I didn't have my own room until I was halfway through high school and even that didn't last. I shared again in college and then when I got married.

Another reason for them to share? Bunk beds. The kids' rooms are rather small so bunk beds are really the only way to go if they still want to be able to open the closet or look out the window. I searched high and low for a bunk bed that I liked. I thought my requirements were simple: unisex with storage space in the headboard. That's the kind of bed I had as a kid. Didn't think it would be so hard. Yeah...it's now four months since I began my search with no luck. Then I found loft beds.

Seems ideal right? Has a desk, additional dresser and shelves! Maybe I could just hang some mini shelves for the top bunk to have storage space. No problem. But...it's a little pricey, with most of these coming in around $1,500. And most of them were definitely on the masculine side. It doesn't look that boyish in the picture but in real life (after I drove 30 minutes to see one), very male.

Then I found my dream bed:

Perfect for little girls, right? I loved it! The second bed is hidden up there in the "attic." Unfortunately, the Man said no. He doesn't want his son sleeping in a doll house for two years or something. Couldn't have been the $3,000 price tag. Loft beds, while great, were a little pricey. So the search continued.

But the Boy couldn't wait. He was tearing apart the crib, far too big/old/ornery to be in it. Then the Man made a deal with the kids: if they cleaned up both their rooms and the toy room, then the Boy could start sleeping in da Boo's room on the floor. And you know what? They actually did it! I hardly had to yell help. So last night, we moved the Boy's mattress.

I gave them the rules: you can talk but I don't want to hear it so whisper, get out of bed only to go to potty, and absolutely NO JUMPING! And they obeyed. Sure, they snickered and giggled way past bedtime but I only had to tell them once to keep it quiet. Then, just before 10 p.m., I snuck in to check on them. This is what I found:

Boo out cold. Boy still awake and extremely amused that I was taking their picture. He did go to sleep shortly after this. But they were both awake and bouncing off the walls way too early this morning. And he does have a real pillow...he chooses to use this fish one instead because he's weird. (I say that with all the love in my heart.)

This afternoon, we picked up the Man from work and went to one last furniture store to have a look before I decided to give up and just get a "normal" bunk bed. And wouldn't you know it...they had one bunk bed that looked a lot like the set I had as a kid but in a yellowy pine finish. Sure, it's more feminine but hey! It was only $500. It arrives in a little over one week.

Any suggestions on how to tame the morning crazies?


Kristina P. said...

No suggestions, but I love that girlie bed!

P.S. Are you loving the Post Secret post? I thought you would.

LaDawn said...

We wouldn't survive in our house without bunk beds.
It would be fun to have the cute little girl bed, but I know that my husband would think that it would be too feminine for all our boys.

Jessica G. said...

Yes, Kristina! But I won't tell you how many of those are mine... ;)

ramsam said...

I was supposed to get bunk beds this week, but it just did not happen. I love the dollhouse- but the functionality and storage of the smart set makes me drool. I need storage space- always!

TJ said...

My kids have gone back and forth between sharing and not just because they want to. When they were 3&4 they really loved thier bunk beds, but now we have issues that one wants a night light and the other doesn't, so they are currently separate.

Kristie said...

Glad to hear that you found some beds that you like! My boys love sharing for sure!!! Nothing like staying up late talking with your sibling. :)

Nat said...

Yay for bunk beds! I missed a party at your house four years ago while the hubs and I put the boys's bunk beds together. We're going to start bunk bed shopping AGAIN in the spring! Gotta stack the little guys so they have room to play! :)

Cookie said...

I had bunk beds as a kid too. It does make you appreciate getting a "real" bed when you are older.

Oh, and I saw your comment on "thou shall not whine" about "those" things. I always tell my kids they are "Just part of mommy."

Funny blog :)

Amber said...

I have a bunk bed like the first one- except it's lighter wood and has knobs. I LOVE that dollhouse one- but I could never cough up the dough.

Tim and Angie said...

Before I go to bed I put the TV on a kid channel (PBS) so that the girls get up and go down to watch. Ali still comes in for a little snuggle, grabs a banana and heads down to watch. Anything before 7:00 is "too early." We get up around 7:30 and turn off the TV to move on with the day.

Tipi said...

You know how I am about morning people, I don't care if I do get up before the rest of the world, you are still not allowed to be chipper right out of bed!
The little Monster is a morning person, I told her it was against the law. "Haha MOM, you're so funny... I'll go start the hot chocolate."
Okay that will work.

Kenney Crew said...

How exciting to have furniture coming! Good luck! I also loved the dollhouse bunk, but unless I start seeing little dresses laying around, there's no use for it in this house...dang it! J/K

Emma said...

Jessica you could always drug them before bed, benadryl or something. J/K. Hopefully they will eventually get use to sharing and sleep longer. I can't wait to see pics.

Jessica G. said...

Emma - Benadryl actually makes the Boy hyper...that doesn't work so well. So far, they're just taking turns annoying each other until they both fall asleep.

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