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Friday, October 26, 2012

Dream Weaver

I dream rather frequently. Usually, they are quite vivid and I am able to remember them when I wake up. There hasn't been any dream quite so life-changing as Stephenie Meyer's visions of a glittery vampire in  meadow, but still, quite interesting. And I've noticed a recurring theme: bathrooms.

No matter where the dream may start, I seem to end up in a bathroom of some sort. A dream about being a teacher landed me in the boys' bathroom of my elementary school. An Olympics setting oddly included facilities with commodes resembling dentist chairs. Another dream had very long, narrow stalls with walls that were only waist high, while seated. That made for awkward conversations with the other patrons.

The other night, I had a dream where zombies invaded my neighborhood. After whacking a few neighbors and friends who craved my brains, I sought refuge with other survivors in a secure house. Since room was scarce, I slept on a pool float in the hot tub. And the bathroom? It was scarily similar to the set of "Deal or No Deal," but with toilets instead of briefcases. So maybe it should be called "Pee or No Pee." There was even a model for pets. (Unfortunately, if zombies really did knock on the door, our dog would be the first to greet them.)

Since bedwetting hasn't been an issue for several years, I don't think it is my bladder trying to get my attention. So I turned to the prominent source for dream analysis: the internet. Here's a quote from dreammoods.com:
"To dream that you are in the bathroom relates to your instinctual urges. You may be experiencing some burdens/feelings and need to "relieve yourself". Alternatively, a bathroom symbolizes purification and self-renewal. You need to cleanse yourself, both emotionally and psychologically."
Fair enough. But again, I don't think it's because of my real-life bladder. What alternate insight could this website offer?
"To dream that you are in a public restroom with no stalls or that there are a lot of people around while you are trying to do your business signifies your frustrations about getting enough privacy. You are always putting others ahead of your own needs. As a result, you are lacking a sense of personal space."
I have kids. Of course I have no privacy. And try explaining personal space to a pre-schooler.
"To dream that you can not find the bathroom or that you have difficulties finding one indicates that you have difficulties in releasing and expressing your emotions. You are holding back your true feelings about something."
Now we're getting somewhere! With those same kids running around, even though they are constantly seeking my attention, they don't actually listen to me. Sure, they're looking right at me with vacant expressions but when my mouth ceases to move, they resume whatever it was they were screaming doing.

With a need to release, I turn to my blog to express my dream bladder in the form of runny, pungent words. You are welcome.

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