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Monday, May 28, 2012

FHE: Don't Be An Angry Bird

We've had some issues with angry outbursts and temper tantrums lately. And it's not entirely blamed on the three-year-old, either. I found this idea through Pinterest (because I gave into peer-pressure). Originally designed by a mom in need of a relatable object lesson, it was perfect for my iPad-obsessed and frequently angry brood.

Opening Song: You Are My Sunshine
Opening Prayer: Baby

Lesson: Found here - with all the printouts you'll need here.

The originator of this idea, Keri at The Home Teacher, picked four of the most popular birds and gave them attributes of being angry.
Red Bird - Angry eyes (it's all in the eyebrows)
Yellow Bird (or Woodpecker) - Cutting words
White Bird (or Pelican) - Throwing things
Black Bird (or Bomber) - Body out of Control

We went through each bird, giving examples of the different angry attributes. At first, it was fun to make angry eyes, but then the kids starting realizing that their reactions weren't so fun for others involved. It's always a bonus when you see the light go on in their eyes when they make the connection.

But Keri doesn't leave us hanging with the negative! There's another page!

Next, she uses more birds from the game to give Cool Down Strategies. First, there's the Bird's Nest. This instructs the angry bird to go to their happy place, their bed or another special spot, where they can cool down. Next, is Balloon Breathing, or taking a few deep breaths. The Boomerang Bird helps the angry ones remember to think about how their actions might have an affect on others. Then there's the Mighty Eagle. That's an adult who can step in, if needed, to calm things down.

I used the printouts Keri provided. And after we had talked about each one, the two pages were taped next to the TV (sadly, the kids' focal point when in the living room) for easy referral when one of the Angry Birds shows up.

Closing Song: Popcorn Popping on the Apricot Tree
Closing Prayer: Boo

Treat: Another delicious treat found amongst the various pins and likes on Pinterest - Chocolate Chip Cookie Delight.

* All images from Google.

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Jessica said...

Yay that you gave into peer pressure! (For pinterest of course; obviously I'm addicted). Love the FHE. We could use something like this. Especially since many mornings as of late turn into a screaming, sobbing, tantrum throwing nighmare.

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