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Saturday, June 19, 2010

I Think I Am Addicted

I joined another swap.
Or two.
(And I'm looking for a third...)

Muffin Tin Mom

The first one is a new concept I found online from Muffin Tin Mom. She serves her kids meals using a cupcake pan, putting a different food in each section. Really cool ideas! I think my favorite so far was a sundae selection. Her swap is for items to help with Muffin Tin Monday meals.

Red White and Blue Swap

The second is hosted by the lovely Mamarazzi. It's her annual Red, White, and Blue Swap! It doesn't matter what you include in your package, as long as it's red, white, or blue. I had lots of fun last year and am excited to join in this year.

AND I've decided I am going to host a swap of my own...toward the end of the summer. I stuck between either a fun school supply swap or a "true colors" swap, where you send your partner items that are in her/his favorite color. What do you think?


Mamarazzi said...

that muffin tin swap sounds almost as cool as my Red, White and Blue Swap...i kid, i kid...i am glad you are playing!

Emma said...

The color swap sounds fun. I can't wait to join in.

kaley said...

dangit, both swaps are closed! where do you find them? i have been wanting to join a swap for a while and have had no luck =(

Jessica G. said...

kaley - go to swapdex.blogspot.com!
It lists current swaps along with their requirements, deadlines, etc. I'm looking at the Movie Swap...but my favorite movie reveals just how big of a dork I am.

Jillybean said...

I would say the colors one.

And now I'm curious to know what your favorite movie is.

ramsam said...

thx for the link to swapdex! I love seeing theblog swaps!

Let us know how the muffin lunch goes!

Jessica G. said...

Jillybean - My favorite movie reveals just how big of a dork I am...and you would need to buy me something chocolate in order to convince me o spill. :)

Anonymous said...

Why hello my swap partner! It is so wonderful to "meet" you!!!

I like the school supply one, I get more excited about school supplies than my kids do! I am such a geek...lol

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