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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Ready for the Halloween pictures?

Introducing...Princess Boo!

And loyal knight, Sir Boy!

I am totally going to do the themed costumes until they kick and scream and refuse to go trick or treating. Because I'm evil.

It was a busy day and we are all exhausted. Except the Man. I guess he doesn't get that worn out at his strenuous desk job. I am ready for bed! But first...

The first comment the correctly identifies my costume gets a prize! But you have to play fair and if I already told you what it is, your answer doesn't count.

Time to go "inspect" the kids' candy bags...

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

FHE: Halloween

I pink puffy heart Halloween! It's my favorite holiday! Last night we were supposed to carve pumpkins but the Man had to work late (didn't get home until after the kids had gone to bed) so instead we prepped for the Big Day.

Opening Prayer: The Boy (with some assistance).

Opening Song: Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam (da Boo's choice).

Lesson: We went over the schedule for Halloween. We've got da Boo's preschool parade, the Man's office party and another party in the neighborhood. After that, we go door to door.

We practiced the door approach, shouting trick-or-treat and then saying "thank you" before we go to the next house. The Boy was very good at remembering to say "Fanx."

Closing Song: I Don't Like Candy Corn (This was the 2nd choice after I vetoed the theme song to a cartoon show. I think my kids have been watching too much tv lately...)

Closing Prayer: Da Boo.

Treats: GHOSTS! I poked the tip of a chocolate chip in the side of a large marshmallow, adding two mini chips for the eyes and voila! We've got ghosts!

Monday, October 29, 2007

The Co-ed Makes Dinner

Remember how I said I can only cook a few things and then after that, you may be asked to sign a waiver before sitting down at the dinner table? Well, I've gone through the list for Sunday dinners with the family. Without subjecting the Co-ed to anything too weird, I suggested she make us dinner. And that was the beginning of a very interesting evening.

I suppose I should take it easy on her. After all, while in college, one of my favorite meals was toast with spaghetti sauce. She was making manicotti. I've heard rave reviews about her cooking abilities so I guess I was expecting her to be a little more adept in the kitchen. Since I had the evening "off," I was relaxing (with my eyes closed) after Church (I substituted in Primary so I was worn out). I didn't get up when the Co-ed and Aunt Denise arrived. I didn't get up when the Co-ed started asking where things were in the kitchen and the Man didn't know. Finally, I got up when the Man came looking for me to settle a spice dilemma.

The Co-ed stuffed the shells, I made the sauce, and she told me all about her week. Can I just say how much fun it is to re-live my college days vicariously through her? Anyway...the manicotti is in the oven. The Man made strawberry lemonade (ain't he sweet?) and the kids ran amuck until Aunt Denise showed them a new game to play that consist of her puffing up her cheeks and them squishing her face until the air pops out (yeah, thanks for showing them that one).

Dinner is served! But...it's only the manicotti, which smells wonderful. So I ask the Co-ed if there's anything to go with the pasta.

Co-ed: Ummm...I didn't have any vegetables.
Me: Okay, there's lettuce in the crisper. You can make a salad
Co-ed: Where's the crisper?
Me: Bottom drawer in the fridge.
Co-ed: How much should I make?
Me: I usually do one full leaf per person.
Co-ed: Okay!

We sit down, offer a prayer, and then dig in. I reach for the salad to dish some up for da Boo. Only...the bowl is full of lettuce leaves...not torn up. This gives us all a good chuckle as we mock the Co-ed. After salad and the main dish are served, it's time for drinks. Da Boo is pouting (as usual) because Aunt Denise won't pour her some lemonade. Aunt Denise, since explaining wasn't working, attempts to show her that she can't pour the drink because the salad bowl is in the way. But Aunt Denise is a little too good in her demonstration and proceeds to pour strawberry lemonade onto the remaining lettuce. After we stop laughing, I warn them both that I will be blogging about dinner. The Co-ed rolls her eyes. Hey, I warned her!

Friday, October 26, 2007


Surely you saw this one coming after yesterday's post. The Boy is a man of few words. Although he is starting to speak more, mostly he will utter one word - with as few syllables as possible - and expect me to fully understand. So here we go...
  1. Mee Mee. Translation: his blanket. I have no idea how this started. One day, he started dragging around a baby blanket from his crib and it has been his constant companion ever since. The Boy was the one that named the blanket and should he ever be without it, well, then it's an instant meltdown.
  2. Stabby. Translation: Strawberry. To hear him say it, you would have no idea what he was talking about unless he was pointing to the small red berries.
  3. Keen. Translation: Lightning McQueen or really, any red car. He loves the movie Cars and has some of their licensed merchandise so we hear this pretty regularly.
  4. Byper. Translation: Diaper. He's starting to get this one right, though. Especially with as many as he goes through.
  5. Breckbist. Translation: a)Breakfast or b)his morning poo. Try not to gag. Nearly every morning, he poohs just after eating. Like clockwork. It was the Man that first referred to this act as his breakfast coming out the other end and well, it stuck. Gross, I know! Boys...
  6. Pop Pop. Translation: Crazy Grampa. This is one that we will encourage. It's hard to keep all those old people straight! :)
  7. Deet Doo. Translation: Thank you. He's getting better at this one. Also? Now, he mostly just says thanks.
  8. Fanx. Translation: Thanks. Kinda cute when he says this. He says thanks and thank you whenever given anything. The Boy is very polite. Even hollers goodbye to the toll booth people.
  9. Cammies. Translation: Jammies. I have to wonder if this started with the camouflage pajamas he had or if it's just something he started himself.
  10. Cusser. Translation: our Roller Coaster. Kinda glad to see this one fading! Seriously, what would people think when they heard him? And of course, the roller coaster was all that the Boy ever talked about. (Did you notice the past tense? The Man made good on his threat and the contraption is currently taking a sabbatical in the basement. Yipppeeee!)
And there ya go! Any more from your kids?

Thursday, October 25, 2007


Sorry for the posting drought. Things have been a little busy and let's face it, I'll take any opportunity to slack off. So for your enjoyment today, I am listing some of my favorite words from da Boo's vocabulary.
  1. Can't Denise. Translation: Aunt Denise. She never called her Aunt 'Nise. It was Can't Denise from the beginning. Sadly, this word had been replaced with the proper pronunciation.
  2. Mine. Translation: Mommy. From the time she started talking to about her 2nd birthday, I was Mine. Now, she calls me "Moooooooooom!" (to get the proper effect, make sure you say it super whiny).
  3. Breckbist. Translation: Breakfast. I'm not encouraging her to change this; it's cute. Just ask my sister Emily how she has always pronounced this word.
  4. Resternot. Translation: Restaurant. This one is fading, too, but she sometimes uses it.
  5. Fanny On Even. Translation: Family Home Evening. Kinda sounds like a new dance move. Her brother slaughters this one even more. Never know what he's talking about.
  6. Bears. Translation: Teddy Grahams. Not really a mis-speak but still leads to confusion in babysitters.
  7. Bee Cereal. Translation: Honey-nut Cheerios. Same as above. Causes some interesting looks of concern that we might feed our children winged insects for breckbist.
  8. Abba Dabba. Translation: Abby, da Boo's best friend. Seriously, she rarely calls her friend by her given name.
  9. Stew-whoa-whoa. Translation: Stool. Never quite understood where this one came from but she insists that this is the way to say it and encourages the Boy to follow suit.
  10. The Chocolate Store. Translation: Heaven - just kidding! See's Chocolates at the mall. This is not to be confused with any other storefront that might offer cacao bean-based products. Only the See's at the local mall is the Chocolate Store. She even knows where it is located. She gets that from me.

So what are some of the cute things your little ones say that make you giggle every time?

Monday, October 22, 2007

FHE: Missionaries

Tonight was another memorable Family Home Evening. It was the Man's turn to teach the lesson, which means it was the one time this month that I don't have to plan and give the lesson.

Opening Prayer: Da Boo calls on Daddy.

Opening Song: Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star (during the entire song, the Boy shrieks at us for singing because, really, what were we thinking?)

Lesson: The Man's youngest brother is currently serving a mission. We recently received a letter from him so this must have gotten the Man thinking about his own experiences in the field. He talked a little bit about what missionaries do (teach others about Jesus Christ and the Gospel). Da Boo knew most of the answers, as usual. The Boy wandered around, holding his blanket and sobbing, also as usual. Then the Man showed us some of his mission pictures. Oh boy...I think you just have to see it to believe it. First, go look at his most recent picture here. Then look below:

See what I mean? Just a kid! (By the way, he had this picture taken because of the address...911 Hospital Rd.)

Closing Song: Once There Was A Snowman (this was selected after we wouldn't sing Twinkle Little Star again).

Closing Prayer: da Boo. She prayed that I did a good job on the treats. Thanks for your vote of confidence, kiddo!

Treats: Chocolate cake. It had a chocolate ganache frosting (which is just cream and chocolate) so it was very tasty.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Why I Live In Utah

I took these pictures as I was making dinner. Ahhhh...I just love the snow!

The Co-ed does not like snow. We will convert her to true weather.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Project After: The Bathroom

Way back in the spring, we started painting the downstairs bathroom (really a "powder room" but we're not picky). You might want to refresh your memory a little. Here are pictures from the finished bathroom project:

Here is the shelf I made to hold up the big letters. And the little cows were a souvenir from a recent trip. They smell like chocolate milk.

I had this print framed because I liked it so much. Print: $1. Frame: $54. Having a picture up on the wall: priceless.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Shadow

The Boy got a taste of his own medicine this past vacation. It came in the form of a cousin - a younger cousin. The Shadow is 14 months old and completely idolized the Boy at his mature age of 2 1/2. Every where the Boy went, the Shadow followed, even during a diaper change. This was especially frustrating to him during playtime.

I just had to take a picture but you really can't see all the dirty looks the Boy was giving his cousin whenever the younger boy dared to touch the train tracks at Grandma's house. Now he knows why da Boo will spontaneously burst into tears when the Boy is only trying to play with her.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

We Sure Do Know How to Grow 'Em!

Here's one of my favorite pictures from the trip:

These are all of the cousins on the Man's side of the family (my side of the family would have filled the entire backyard). They are by age: 14 months, 2 1/2, almost 5, 7 months, 4, and 14 months.

It's fun having the notoriety of having the oldest grandchild. Can't say I have the cutest (well, I could but what if my in-laws read this?) because all of these kiddos are adorable and simply bustin' with personality. This is also my only non-blurry picture of the other girl cousin (far right...like the hairdo wouldn't tip ya off).

The Sad Truth

I've learned something the past few days. Apparently, I like to torture small children while simultaneously inflicting pain upon myself. Who knew? I learned this while driving 1,200 miles with two kids under the age of five. Good times.

We didn't have a formal FHE tonight. It was more of a "Get Your House In Order" night - literally. We cleaned up. The hustle of getting ready for the trip to see the in-laws combined with the bustle of unloading afterwards makes for quite a large mess around here. Of course, I am hosting the preschool/play date tomorrow morning. And I have Activity Days here on Wednesday. AND I really got behind on the general housework while without my happy pills. So if you plan on visiting in the next couple days, please bring your mop and haz-mat suit with you.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Here in the Big City

There's a lots of fun things for kids around here! On Saturday, we went to a "petting zoo" that's really more than that. You could feed goats (either pellets or little baby bottles), pet goats, pet cows, feed fish, ride toy tractors, milk a fake cow, run away from your mom, pan for gold, tour a teepee, feed ducks, ride a pony, annoy your sibling, watch pigs sleep, play on one of several playgrounds, go fishing and get it first hand just how stinky animal poo really is. It was lots of fun! So fun, that I needed aspirin and a nap afterwards. Pictures coming.

Today, we loaded up the kids and headed up to Big City for more fun. Destination: Science City. I wish they had places like this when I was a kid! (And of course I forgot the camera...) During the first portion of our visit, the place was over-run with several different school groups. Soon enough, the groups thinned out and our kids got some hands-on time. They got to dig for dinosaur bones (also called "let's see how much of this stuff we can accidentally fling down Momma's shirt!"), make music with park equipment, try their hand at landing the Space Shuttle (which da Boo crashed rather spectacularly - twice), work with a water table, view live amphibians (ever heard of a glass lizard? Creeeeeepy...), slide down a sewer pipe (complete with flushing sound effects), make shadows on a wall, ride a Sky Bike (I was the only one who did this, oddly enough), puzzle out optical illusions, sit in lots of different simulators, and make all sorts of echoes. And lots more but I'm tired and haven't had nearly enough chocolate so I can't remember all the details. I liked that they reserved a few places specifically for smaller kids. There was one where I was once again reminded of the difference between the two genders: da Boo carefully built with larger-than-life building blocks and the Boy gleefully knocked them down.

Busy day. Need more aspirin.

So...whatcha been up to?

Monday, October 8, 2007

Introducing: The Co-ed

We've been trying to think of a name for the Man's little sister and have finally reached a consensus. She is now the Co-ed.

We tried to explain to the Co-ed about the different culture she would experience during her time at "The Lord's University." She didn't believe us. We told her stories of former roommates who were engaged after only two dates. She laughed. We regaled her with tales of odd guys that would be lurking in her Singles' Ward. She scoffed. We warned her of the crazy ideas some of these boys get into their heads once the get back from their missions. She stared at us silently. But you can't say we didn't try...

Then the Co-ed had a date this weekend. With her Chemistry partner. (Insert all sorts of great "chemistry" jokes here!) They had "hung out" before but this was the first real date. Then he came over on Sunday to watch General Conference with her and her roommates. So really, they've been on three dates - in BYU terms. That's a long-term relationship, right there! He's been trying to convince her that she would love to continue living in our great state. And he's asked her what her family would think of him. Well, we might have liked him okay until he went all weirdo on us! She starting to think that she might have to tell the poor guy that she's intent on serving a mission...that ought to scare him!

Any advice for her? Poor girl is too cute. She's doomed.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Home On The Range

So a few weeks ago, a business trip for the Man pops up. The location is only a short distance from his folks. We decide "Hey! It would be great to take the kids across three states and see the family!"

Somewhere during Day 2 of driving, he looks at me and asks "Who's idea was this, again?"

Not only are we far away currently, but the Man is working, so he's staying in a nice hotel, eating catered meals and not having to change diapers. I, on the other hand, am staying with my in-laws. Don't get me wrong - I have fantastic in-laws. I just really hate being the only one changing diapers.

Maybe they'll let me sleep in again...Anyway, miss me while I'm gone!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Parable of the Cannery

I went to the Cannery this morning. A few weeks ago, I went to for Dry Pack, which is when you can dry items, like flour, black beans, dry milk, etc. This time, it was Wet Pack. And Wet Pack is a very good description, too. The product? Applesauce.

When we first arrive, we wash hands and they give us gloves, a plastic apron and a color-coded hairnet. For the apples, I was placed at the conveyor belt for coring (if they try to put me anywhere else, I usually ask to switch, on account o' my Bionic Woman-ness). So I'm at this nearly chest-high table (might be lower on taller people but I'm kinda stubby) with several belts moving in different directions. The person I replace gives me a quick lesson on what we're supposed to do and then she gets to leave. So the lady tells me that we're taking off any visible skin blemishes (but bruises are okay) and coring out the bottom of the apple, where the blossom is, saving as much as you can. Finished apples go on the highest belt, lower belt has apples that need work and garbage goes in the outside tract. Then she hands me a prison shank. Well, not really but that's what it looked like: a metal spoon that's been sharpened to a point.

It's pretty loud in there so I can't really carry on a conversation with the people beside me so I start humming the last song that was on the radio. Hmmmm...that was Prince's "Little Red Corvette." Maybe not the best song for this setting. So I switched to the song I was listening to last on the computer, which was "Come, Come Ye Saints." Much better. Now focused properly, I get to work.

So here's where the parable starts.

As I'm coring, I'm noticing the different apples. They aren't all the same kind or the same size. Some are pretty bruised, misshapen, or not quite ripe yet. Some would look at home sitting on a favorite teacher's desk. Then I take the shank to 'em. The bruised apples are battered and not too pretty but the fruit inside is good. Some the apples have large blemishes that are only skin-deep and don't affect the fruit. Others have a small mark that leads to lots of foul gunk inside. Then there are the ones that look perfect but once I get the bottom core out, I see that it is entirely rotten.

The bruised apples are those that have been mistreated, had it rough but are still good despite it all. I think we all know someone who had not such a great life but is a great person.

Blemishes that look bad to the viewer might be those that have been harshly judged for their mistakes. Like the unmarried mother who is shunned by the others at Church. But inside? She's still good.

Even the small sins can lead to big time bad for a person. Don't think that "oh, just this once" isn't going to affect anything.

And the beautiful ones...they certainly look like they have it all. But through some unseen method, they have gone bad. Maybe they were good enough at hiding the sin that no one noticed. It certainly never showed on the outside but it's still there, rotting them inside. Interesting how much the world values the physical beauty and not so much what's on the inside (looking at you, movie stars!).

And then there's the worker. It takes time to prepare the apples and it certainly takes effort. While I was there, I never tossed out an entire apple. No matter how bad it looked from the outside or the inside, I set to work to save as much fruit as possible. And isn't that what the Lord does? No matter what condition you are in, no matter how deep the sin goes, He is still going to make the effort to remove the filth and save all that is good about you.

Monday, October 1, 2007


Any birthday would not be complete without a cake. Since I have a rule that I don't bake my own birthday cake (and I don't wrap my own Christmas presents), I didn't have a cake on the actual day. But my good buddy did bring me a scrumptious looking cupcake!

Sunday, Aunt Denise brought a cake. She helped the kids decorate it.

Ain't it purty? Da Boo painstakingly recreated a bunny on the cake. Can you find it? I'll give you a hint (not that it will help...): it's upside down in this picture. And it really tastes yummy. Want a piece?

(New cake posted at the Cake Cow!)

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